How to Create Social Media Traffic to your Blog

Boost your blog traffic through Social Media Sites.

Getting traffic to your blog is very easy if you follow the right strategy.At the same time if
you don’t follow good strategy it is very tough to get minimum traffic to your blog.
If your blog is brand new one,you cannot expect organic traffic to your blog.Only source of
getting visitors to your blog is “Social Media”.
So concentrate on increasing your Social Media Market.Increasing your market will increase your
blog’s exposure.Try to get maximum number of followers to your social media profile.Once you
get Million followers (not that easy) on Social Media sites,just share your blog’s link.You can
get huge amount of traffic to your blog.May be  a new website or established blog,you
could drive good targeted traffic to your blog.

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If you are a full time blogger (trying to become a full time blogger),you should increase your
Social media market.How much you can promote your blog totally depends on How big your Social
Media Market.Let’s see the best way to promote your blog through Social Media to increase Blog

social media traffic

Best 8 ways to Generate Traffic to your Website Using Social Media

1)Choose 2 to 3 Social Networking Sites at once.
Many of us don’t know the significance of using social media in increasing a blog’s performance
and popularity.creating Account on all the Social Networking Sites and merely sharing your blog
post links won’t bring visitors to your blog.
Right Strategy:
Stick to 2 social media sites.(I prefer Facebook and Pinterest/Stumbleupon).Create account on
Facebook and pinterest.Your should increase your followers and friends on your profile to
increase your Social Media Capacity.

2)Increase your presence on these two sites.
Creating Social Media profile and sharing your blog post links is not enough to drive traffic
to your blog.First you should increase your presence.Involve with your friends followers,blog
visitors to drive traffic to your blog.
Engaging is nothing but :Commenting,liking,Sharing.Just share other’s links and ask them to
share your blog post links.

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3)Post interesting Content on Social Media Sites.
Post visually attractive images and posts with catchy titles.Share others (may be competitors)
content which will add value to your profile.Whatever you may be doing on Social media,it
should attract and increase followers.

4)Choose the best time to share your Blog Post.
Sharing content regularly on social sites is very important.But more than that choosing the
right time to share your blog’s content is supreme.
Most probloggers and experts did research on when to share blog posts to boost a blogs’s
traffic.When compare to normal time if you share blog post at peak time you can expect double
or even triple visits to your blog.

5)Your Post Title should be attractive.
Sharing links with out changing or editing the titles won’t work for you.In case of Blog you
have to follow proper Seo with rich keywords to drive Search Engine Traffic.
But in case of Social Media,your’s aim is to Write Titles which would be unresistable from

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6)Share your posts on maximum Groups and Communities for better exposure.
Share your content on already established groups and communities.User engagement will be high
on these sites,so your’s only work is to publish the posts on groups and communities.
Choose a group (same niche as yours) to increase your blog’s exposure.You can find hundreds of
groups on facebook from where you can expect good amount of Traffic.

7)Make it easy for your Blog visitors to Share your Content.
Install Social sharing plugin on your blog for easy sharing of your content.Visitors won’t
waste time in sharing content.But if you make it one click sharing,then they will share your
content if they like it.So it is your responsibility to encourage blog users to share blog’s

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8)Tell your Visitors to follow your Business page on Social Sites.
For a good post you can get some visitors from search Engine.But you can’t expect them to visit
your blog next time.So ask your visitors to like your blog.
Add follow me icons on your blog so that visitors can follow your blog or Social profile.

Note:You may be starting a blog or Business,what ever it may be,first target your friends.
Ask your best friends to share your content or Business page with their friends.
Continue this procedure to maximum.It is not an easy procedure,but is quite possible.

Hope this article helps you to to increase your blog’s social media traffic.If you know any
other technique which would attract visitors to participate in social media conversation,do let
me know in the comments.Thank you for visiting Tech Gide