Internet Explorer has Stopped Working Windows 7, How to Fix it?

Internet Explorer has Stopped Working Windows 7, How to Fix it?

Have you ever faced this problem? Recently i have faced this problem and the pop up message keeps on popping.It is quite irritating as it keeps on popping with message “Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working“.
Some of the government websites won’t open in Google Chrome or Firefox.They make its users to use Internet Explorer only.In this case if you your browser gives you a message like “Internet Explorer Stopped Working” what would you do?

How to Fix “Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working” Problem

1)First you need close all the Internet Explorer Windows which you have opened earlier.

2)Click start Menu then open the control panel.

3)In control panel search for internet options then click on it.
Internet Options button will appear if you switch from Category to icons (Small Icons or Large Icons) in the contro panel.

4)Now in the internet options you will see many tabs.


Now click on the Advanced Tab option.

5)Click the reset option for 2 to 3 times.Click ok (close it).

Now open the internet explorer You would see your browser (Internet Explorer) working properly.
If any problem exits you need to do one more thing.

We will discuss it in next post.

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