Learn How to See Saved Passwords in Google chrome Browser

chrome password manager

One application which everyone uses on a internet device is Google Chrome Browser.
I am not making any exaggeration on the usage of Google Chrome.Before the entry of
Google Chrome Browser,Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox were ruling the web browsers
space on the web.But everything has changed rapidly with in years.Now Chrome Browser
is the best in the industry with millions of users.This is possible only because of
the speed,performance and many other features which chrome browser is providing for
its users.Hope i have given enough stats and usage of chrome usage.Lets come back
to our topic i.e “how to manage or see the saved passwords in chrome browser.”

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While creating a account or logging with existing username Google prompts you to
“Save password”.If you wish that your PC is secure and you are the only user of your
PC then you can go for “save password option in Google chrome”.(Of course it is in your hand).
For suppose you have “Saved password” for Facebook on Google Chrome.
When you want you use the Facebook on the chrome browser (on which you have saved password)
you need not to enter the login credentials every time.
Just type the first letter of the username in username field to choose the user name.
Password which is associated with that particular Username will load automatically.
Now you can login to your browser with single click from your browser.

Uses of making Google Chrome to remember your passwords:

This would reduce burden on you from remembering the passwords.
No need to enter the login credentials every time.

Cons of Saving Passwords in Chrome Browser:

Risk of password hacking.
If another person users your PC (chrome browser) he can easily find out the
password associated with your account.

Without any delay lets see how to view saved passwords or retrieve passwords
in Google Chrome Browser

We can view passwords saved on chrome browser in two ways.

a)Right Click on password box to view password.

If you have forget the password the you can easily sort out the problem.Just right
click on the password box to view the password saved in the chrome browser.
Right click and click on the inspect element option.This would open a menu box some
thing like this.

chrome password

In this change “Input=”password” with “input=”text” to see the saved password.

chrome password
Now close the Inspect element window to see the password which you have saved.

b)From Chrome Settings Menu.

Click on the settings menu in the on right top bar of chrome browser or type
chrome://settings in the address bar and press enter.
Now scroll down to find the advanced settings option and click on it.
Move down to the page settings to find “Password and Forms” option.
Click on the “Manage Passwords” Option under it.

chrome password setttings

A new Password Popup window would open with all the “Sites with username and passwords
saved on the browser”.Now search for the password of the site which you want to manage.
Double click on the username or password or site name to see the saved password.

chrome password settings
Double clicking will show you an option to show the password.
click on the show option to see the saved password.

Note:Click on “x” cross mark behind “show” to delete the saved password for that
particular site.A pop up window would prompt you to enter the windows login password
to prevent unauthorized persons from seeing your password.


Google Chrome Browser has specially designed feature to manage passwords stored in the
browser.You can easily edit saved passwords in chrome or clear saved passwords in
chrome or erase saved passwords.

Hope you find this article useful..You can find more details about Google chrome tips
and tricks in coming articles.






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