Best Screen Capturing Software for Windows/Mac 2013|Lightshot Screenshot

Taking Screenshot on your windows PC is very easy.You can do it by using Print screen key available on your Keyboard (Press Function key + print Screen) and copy it to Paint.Now you can edit your screenshot in your own way.But this is time consuming process. Lightshot is best available option to take Screenshot.Lets see how LightShot Screen Capture Tool works and its features.

Best Screen Capturing Software

LightShot best Screen Capture Tool to take ScreenShot

Lightshot is undoubtedly one of the best Screen Capture tool in 2013 available for both windows and Mac Users.Lightshot is perfect alternative (or even better than) windows print screen option.Lets see more feature’s of LightShot Screen Capture Tool
a)Take Screenshot Instantly of Selected Area
With Lightshot you can take Screenshot very easily in two steps.Just select the area on your desktop to capture and take the screenshot.
b)Share Screenshots on Internet
Taking Screenshot is very easy and sharing it is even more easy with Lightshot.You can upload your screenshots to server to get a fast web-link on it.
c)Powerful Online Editor to Edit Screen Shot
Just take the screen shot and edit it your way.Editing the Screenshot is very easy and you can do it instantly.A user friendly interface makes it more easy for you.
d)Supports various Platforms
LightShot is available for Windows and Mac.It supports browsers like Chrome,Mozilla Firefox,Internet Explorer and Opera.
e)Search Similar Images using Lightshot
Lightshot’s similar image search feature helps you in searching images.Just select the image on you desktop and find similar images.

With the above features and user friendly interface LightShot is best Screen Capture Tool.