Major Difference Between WhatsApp and Google Allo Messaging app

Whatsapp is one of the popular messenger app which can be supported by iOS and Android platforms. Google Allo is a new addition to the messaging app. The main difference between Google Allo and WhatsApp is that is Google Allo has the ability to use Google Search within the middle of a chat.

Major Difference Between Google Allo and WhatsApp:

Encryption and Incognito Mode:

Google Allo: Google Allo comes up with end to end encryption and come with a dedicated mode known as Incognito mode that also comes in chrome.

WhatsApp: Now WhatsApp has recently introduced encryption to its app.

Both of the applications will provide an encryption feature, whereas Google Allo comes with a dedicated mode it is specially designed for privacy and security. This application can also be used in a smooth manner.

User Friendlyness:

Google Allo: Google Allo comes up with special features such as smart reply, built in Google Assistant and innovative features to enhance experience of the user .

WhatsApp: WhatsApp comes up with the standard feature only that are mostly available in another messaging applications in the market.

The machine learning and AI which are additionally added to the Allo make it smart messenger. It is intelligent enough to suggest information that the user is searching for and predict words to reply with.

Google Assistant:

Google Allo: Google Allo comes up with Google assistant which is an integrated part of the application.

WhatsApp: WhatsApp doesn’t support such an Google assistant feature.

The user will be currently able to search for Hotels, flights, movies theater within the app itself without searching in the browser seperately. The app is also integrated with Googles like You Tube, Maps, and etc. Google assistant is able to help the user by finding them the appropriate information and helping in getting your things done. The user will be able to chat one to one with Google assistant. The user does not required to go to other apps to find information or get your things done. Google assistant can also get information regarding personal data such as the agenda, photos and booking information. It is also ability of understanding natural language pattern that helps the user to talk normally as if he was speaking to a human assistant. Google Assistant will be able to understand what the user is searching for and finds the relevant information.

Allo best feature

Smart Reply:

Google Allo: Google Allo comes up with a feature called” Smart Reply”

WhatsApp: WhatsApp doesn’t come with a feature similar like smart reply.

This feature comes up with Google Allo where the user will be able to reply to a message even without typing a word. Allo is additionally able to give intelligent suggestions by even analyzing the content of the images. This application will suggest words like “beautiful” and “nice” if the image contains a flower or any scenary. It will be making use of a logarithm to recognize the content of the image and suggest words that is a really cool feature.


Google Allo: Google Allo will be coming up with a feature that can resizes the size of the text which is to be replied

WhatsApp: WhatsApp will not support such a feature.

The Allo app comes up with a slider button called “Whisper and shout” that increases or decreases the size of the font.


Google Allo: Google Allo will allows the user to draw on images before sending

WhatsApp: WhatsApp will not support such a feature.

This makes the conversation very interesting.


Google Allo: Google Allo offers a stickers.

WhatsApp: WhatsApp will not offer any stickers.


Google Allo comes with power packed features which take advantage of Google’s best features. It is more intelligent with features such as smart reply that is assisted well with Google Assistant. Google Allo will be available for Android and iOS.

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