How to Move Multiple Tabs in Google Chrome to a New Window

Some times you will convert tabs in Google Chrome as new Window for easy usage. Of course every Chrome user knows “Single Tab can be converted to a new window“.Just drag the tab and leave it.A new window will be formed with single tab.
If you want to convert a group a tabs (multiple tabs) to a single window then what would you do?
Let’s see the trick to Move multiple tabs in Chrome to a new Window.
With two Keyboard Keys you can easily do the work.
a)Using Ctrl Key
b)Using Shift Key.

How to use Ctrl Key to convert Multiple tabs to a new Window in Google Chrome

Just Click on a tab,Press Ctrl key and hold it.Now click on the tabs you want to move to new window.Now release the ctrl key and drag it.You will clearly notice the difference.Now you are dragging mutiple tabs to make a new window.Using Ctrl key you can easily select the tabs to a form a new window.

How to Use Shift Key to move multiple tabs to a new window.

Shift Key works as “Range Selection”.No need to select each and every tab.Let’s see how shift key works.
Click on a tab,press Shift key and hold it.Now click on the first tab and last tab.This would select all the tabs in between the first and last tab (including first and last tab).Simply drag the selected tabs and leave.Now all the selected tabs will convert into a new window.

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