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repsonsive design tools

What is Responsive Design?
Responsive design is nothing but making you website to adapt to the conditions
on the users device.

Last 3 to 4 years there has been exponential rise in the use of smartphone,ipads of
different sizes.Until the evolution of smartphones websites or blogs are only designed
for desktops as their main target.But now the scenario has changed.Building a webiste
just keeping desktop users in mind will not work these days.As i have already mentioned
that smartphone users are growing rapidly which may even cross deskop users in coming
days.As a blog owner we should not limit our blog to desktop users or smartphone users.
Our target should be a visitor who have interest on the topics we are writing,but not
depending on the size of screen.So make sure to design your blog to fit with all the
multiscreen devices.As design of a blog will clearly show impact on a blog visitor.If you
have created a hectic blog designed,then you can’t even think about the blog’s growth.
Want to check whether a blog fits with all the different internet devices or not.This
can be only possible by checking design with responsive tools.Check the responsiveness
of a blog in all angles before using it on your blog.

Lets see How to test the responsive design of a blog with responsive tools.

Best Tools to Test Responsive Design of a Website

Here is the first and the best online tool to check the responsiveness of a blog.Just
enter the domain name for which you want to check the responsive design.It will display
how your blog will appear on the top noted devices like iphone (iphone 5,iphone 6),ipad,
Android devices (samsung) etc.Observe carefully how the blog is looking in visitors
perspective.If you want to check how the inner pages on the blog are then just click
on the link.It will show you the responsive design of inner pages.
Click here

2)Am I responsive
One more tool which is solely designed to check the responsive design of a website.Just type
the domain in the box given and press enter.You will see how your blog will be visible to
users on different devices.You can even check each design just by clicking on it.You can
scroll down to see how a blog will look.Even you can click on links on your homepage further
to investigate how the internal pages on your blog works and looks.
Click here

3)Responsive Design Checker
Responsive Design checker comes next in the list.Just enter the url of the blog in the box
and click on the GO button.Now your blog will be available in all different screens like
27 inch monitor,17 inch workstation,15 inch mackbook pro,11 inch Macbook Air,Ipad Landscape,
Ipad Portrait,Nexus 7 Landscape,Iphone etc.Just click on the label (iphone or nexus) to see
how your blog will be displayed on that particular device.You can go for indepth analysis
how your blogs internal pages and landing pages will appear on a internet device.
Click here

Responsivetest is a tool specially designed to check the responsive design of a blog.You
can manually enter the size (pixels) to check the responsive design.
Click here to visit

Hope the above mentioned list of responsive design testing tools will serve your purpose
of checking the blogs responsiveness.

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