How to Open Windows 10 “This PC” instead of “Quick Access” View

Earlier version of Windows till (Windows 7 ) file explorer is called as Windows explorer.In older versions of Windows (Windows 7,Windows 8) by default you can open “My Computer” which is named as “This PC” in Windows 10.

Just for the sake of information : As we are going to use the above terms in this article. In order to prevent the confusion we have given the updated windows terminology..

If you open “My Computer” or Press Windows short cut i.e “Windows + E” ,it would show the list of drives,home folders and networks,which is familiar to must of us.Almost very Windows User ( am not talking about advanced windows users ) thinks of the same while opening “My Computer”..

But in Windows 10 Microsoft has changed the way of displaying “My Computer”..”My Computer is named as “This PC” in Windows 10.

Unlike the traditional view of “MY Computer”..Microsoft has adopted some changes to “This PC” View in Windows 10 Operating system.

If you are new to Windows 10 [or] the one who loves windows old way of displaying the “File Explorer” then this article is for you guys.Here in this article we are going to see the step by step procedure on how to make “Windows File Explorer Open ” This PC” by default”.

Learn How to Open “This PC” Instead of “Quick Access” in Windows 10

I have find many people searching for “How to open “My Computer” in Windows 10″ , “old version of My Computer in Windows 10” etc. This article is for those who find difficulty in using Windows 10 quick access view [or] who don’t know how to open “My Computer” View in Windows.

Quick Access view in Windows 10 has resemblance with “All My files” option in MAC Operating System. Mac users may find this latest “quick access” feature useful..but in case of conventional windows users,it may take some time to become flexible with this windows 10 quick access attribute.

Quick Access view in Windows 10 shows the information like recently open files & folders as an alternative to windows “My Computer”..

If you open the File Explorer in Windows 10 Operating system,by default “Quick Access” view will be displayed.Here we are going to provide simple tweak to disable “Quick Access” view in windows 10 and enable “This PC” mode.

First Open “File Explorer” or Simply Press “Windows + E ”

windows 10 quick access view

Click on the “View” Tab and then look for “Options” and click on it.Now you will get another option i.e “Change windows folder & Search Options”.Now click on it.

windows 10 change folder options

Click on “Change Folder & Search Options” would open a Pop Up Window

In this window you will find “Open File Explorer to ” option ..which by default shows “Quick Access”..

Here we have to change the value to “This PC” and click on apply option.

windows 10 change folder options 2

That’s it ..Now you have deactivated “Quick Access” view in windows and enabled “This PC” mode in Windows 10.

Hope you guys find this article on windows 10 i.e how to disable windows 10 quick access feature useful. Find this article useful then pleas do share it with your friends on social media.







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