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Are you a hardcore PC / Laptop user? Do you have an advanced configuration computer? If your answer is yes to any one of these questions then I am sure you must have witnessed your Laptop/ PC getting heated up. It is absolutely essential to monitor the resources of your machine which help keep it running. One of these resources and the most essential is the Central Processing Unit or the CPU.

Temperature Monitoring Softwares To Measure Heat in CPU:

If you keep a track of your CPU’s temperature then you can protect your computer from getting overheated/overloaded. Also, you will be able to know the peak of your computer’s abilities. Preventing your computer to overheat is one of the main clauses to increase the performance of your PC. Now you must be wondering as to whether there is a program to monitor CPU temperature? Yes, there is. In fact, there are many. Here in this post, we are going to tell you about 9 Best Software to Check CPU Temperature.

  1. HW Monitor

  • This is the simplest software to get the task done of knowing your computer’s hardware temperature.
  • Its simplicity comes from the fact that everything including system temperature, fan speeds and how much voltage is coming; is displayed in a single window.
  • So all you need is to just a click to get to know your CPU temperature.
  • This is a basic software and doesn’t incorporate advanced abilities like setting up warning alarms. However, this works best for a normal user.
  • Get this computer temperature monitor from here.

Website Link: Click Here

  1. Core Temp

  • If you feel that you just require knowing the temperature of your processor and not other stuff then you can get Core Temp which is the best freeware computer temperature monitor.
  • You can download Core Temp from its official website Click Here.
  • The temperature of your processor will come up in the system tray when the software is installed.
  • If you open the main window of the application then you can see the details of your processor like version, platform, and frequency. Even you will get to know the maximum temperature at which your processor can operate.
  • All temperature values are displayed in Celsius and you can enable overheat protection. If your CPU temperature goes anywhere near the maximum temperature a pop up will come up so as to make you aware regarding the same.

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  1. Open Hardware Monitor

  • This is pretty much similar to HW Monitor as all the components of your computer are displayed in a single window layout.
  • The difference between Open Hardware and HW Monitor is that there is a plot graph available for the temperatures. Also, it incorporates an ability to rename or hide any value.
  • The best thing about this CPU temperature software is that it is portable i.e. there is no need to install this software. All we are required to do is to download and run it but run it as an administrator.
  • You can customize this software to display the values as a desktop gadget or even in the system tray.
  • Download Open Hardware Monitor from here.

Website Link: Click Here

  1. Windows Task Manager

  • Now suppose you don’t want to download and install any 3rd party software. Is there a way then to check the CPU Temperature? Yes, here is. Our very own Windows Task Manager.
  • We are already familiar with this. Windows Task Manager keeps track of all the processes that are running in our system and displays the percentage of memory and CPU usage for the same.
  • We can also check total usage of our CPU and RAM.
  • Though we know that it doesn’t show up temperature; but if you just want to know that which of the running tasks is using more memory then this works best for you. There is absolutely no hassle to download any 3rd party program to monitor PC hardware.

rain meter cpu monitoring

  1. Rain Meter

  • Now this is unlike any other software to check CPU temperature as it does way more tasks than just displaying temperatures.
  • Various types of data is shown by this software such as date, time, weather, CPU and RAM usage, disk usage, temperatures and various other things.
  • It is more of a desktop gadget with customizable skins than a regular window layout software.
  • Different skins show different things. It all depends on your imagination as to what you want to show. There is a skin for audiovisuals too.
  • You can download rain meter from here.

Website Link: Click Here

  1. SpeedFan

  • This is one of the most popular program to monitor CPU temperature. It is even older than Windows XP.
  • You can see CPU temperature, fan speed and voltage using this program. A graph is also available for the same. Even though it is quite old but still it is really dependable.
  • You even get alerts in this software if the temperature goes high and even you can set up an action which will be done automatically if the temperature goes above the normal limits.
  • Now comes the ultimate thing about this software. You can even control the speed of your fan using this program.
  • This application can be downloaded for free from here.

Website Link: Click Here

  1. CPU Thermometer

  • This is even lower than most simplistic programs. It is a minimal approach towards designing a computer temperature monitor.
  • It only shows CPU temperature and the current load which is there on each core of the CPU.
  • Extremely simple and basic there are no other options available. It can display temperature in your system tray.
  • You can download this computer temperature monitor from here.

Website Link: Click Here

  1. Real Temp

  • This is a software to check CPU temperature which has been specialized for Intel Processors. So if you have an Intel Processor then this software is your best bet to get the task done.
  • Real time temperature values are displayed in this application. It is compatible with almost all Intel Processors up to i7.
  • If you want to know to what degree temperature has changed since you have switched on your PC; then the maximum and minimum temperature readings are available to check in this software.
  • Even alarms can be set up if the temperature exceeds a particular limit.
  • Also this software to check CPU temperature doesn’t require to get installed. It is portable. You can simply download it and run as an administrator.
  1. Speccy

  • Speccy is a fast, light weight tool that displays your vital system information.
  • Even you can save your results to an XML or text file using the snapshot feature of this computer temperature monitor.
  • It will show everything as to what is there inside your PC ranging from OS, CPU, Motherboard, GPU, RAM etc.
  • Along with displaying statistics for each, it displays the temperature of your vital PC components like CPU and RAM in Celsius.
  • You can download Speccy Free Version from here. Click Here

So, folks, these were the 9 Best PC Hardware Monitoring Software 2017. Go with the one which suits your requirements and stop worrying about your CPU getting over-heated.

Do you have any questions to ask? Drop it down in the comments section below and get your answers in a jiffy.

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