How to Prevent Google Adsense Account From Getting Banned

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Google Adsense has been the main source of income many bloggers because of its
high CPC value.
So many of the bloggers use Google Adsense to monetize their blog.

Monetizing a blog with Google Adsense is very easy but getting adsense approval for
a blog is not an easy task.

With Some tweaks and smart work you can overcome the Adsense Approval Hurdle.

But one more hurdle (even bigger than approval) is ready to come your way i.e
Keeping Adsense Account safe without getting Banned.

Google Adsense has every right to ban your account even without prior notification.

Google is very much strict in implementing the policies,as they respect Advertisers money
a lot.It doesn’t mean that they don’t value publishers.
Both Advertisers and publishers are backbone of Google’s success but they don’t
allow any spam practice from any one of them.

For Example:
Google now disables advertisers from promoting affiliate links.
Similarly Google would ban Adsense account if they found publishers using Adsense
code on low quality sites.

Any way we are going to see every possible chance, which can make your Adsense account
run into dangerous zone.

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Reasons for Google Adsense Ban & How to Prevent Adsense Account from Getting Banned:

There are many reasons for getting adsense ban.

1)Invalid Clicks

One of the biggest obstacle for adsense Users.
Google Adsense in its official site clearly mentions about the invalid activty.

Gone Days are gone when bloggers used to ask their friends and others on internet
to click the Adsense ads.Some of the bloggers clicks the ads on their blog.

But now these cheap tricks are not going to work any more.
Google has send strong message to such Adsense spammers across the world by disabling
their accounts without a warning.

Here another situation arises i.e People on internet or your friends you found jealous of
your success in blogging will click the ads regularly to make your adsense account ban.

Solution :

There are third party WordPress plugins to prevent or at least warns you
when click bombing occurs.

Click fraud monitoring WordPress plugin

Simple and best way to secure Adsense account from invalid clicks is to Monitor your Adsense
account & Google¬†analytic’s¬†account regularly.

If you find anything abnormal with your Adsense earnings,then look deeper into the issue.
And if you find any negative stats i.e high CTR,then your first priority is
to remove Adsense ads from your blog for couple of days.

2)Maximum Adsense Units on a Page

For normal Adsense users 3 Ad Units,3 Link Units and 2 search Boxes are allowed
on a page.Never try to place more Ad units on page which may lead
to Google Adsense Ban.
If you are Adsense Premium Publisher then you can place more than 3 Ad Units on
a Page.Don’t know Adsense premium account publishers requirement,then here you
will get valuable information regarding Adsense premium publishers.

3)Don’t Use Adsense Code on Low Quality Sites

One more major reason to implement ban on Adsense account.
If you want to place Adsense code on a blog,then there is no need for
you get prior approval for a blog.[only if you have approved Adsense account].
You can simple place the Adsense code on a blog.
Many of the newbie bloggers who are in a hurry to make money commits the mistakes.
They simply put Adsense code on low quality website like (copied content,downloading
sites,live streaming sites etc).
Have you ever heard of Event based niche blogging? Many of the bloggers (especially
from India) do event based niche blogging to earn quick money from Adsense.
(A blog on Diwali wishes,New Year images etc).
With my experience this is also one of the major reason for getting Adsense account

Follow Each & Very Policy Of Google Adsense.

a)Don’t change the Adsense code
b)Implementing Adsense Code on unsupported language blog.
c)Don’t Encourage Blog Visitors to Click on Advertisements
d)Cheap Paid Traffic on a blog
e)Never place Adsense code on empty pages,Door way pages etc.

If you follow all the above mentioned Adsense tips and tricks then surely you can protect your
Adsense account for long time.
If you want more details regarding Adsense policies please do visit the
official Adsense help center.











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