How to Rearrange or Change Tabs appearing on Facebook Page?


If you are regular Facebook user or blogger or online entrepreneur or what ever it may might have

know something about Facebook page.

If you don’t know what a Facebook page is then surely you are missing a great opportunity to market your
product.There are many articles to explain you on how to create a Facebook page and maintain it.
Lets get back to our topic i.e Rearranging the tabs appearing on Facebook page.

facebook tabs rearrange

After the introduction of Facebook timeline,the position of the apps section is changed on the Facebook page.

To increase user engagement and promote a product in a effective way Facebook has made the

tabs section visible below the cover photo of a page.
(Image,App or tab on facebook timeline just below the cover photo can create more impact,as

it more clearer and noticeable when compare to the other space on a Facebook page).
Only drawback with new tab feature in Facebook is “Only displays four tabs by default”.All the remaining tabs
will be in hide mode.In order to view other tabs click on the “More” option just below the fan page’s cover
(Don’t be confused with the terms apps and tabs..In this article both of them are same.)
The image below gives you clear idea about the position and number of tabs displayed on a facebook by default.

facebook tabs drop down menu

What if there are ten’s of tabs and only 4 of them are actively visible on the facebook page.
Of course you cannot change the number of tabs appearing on a facebook page.
Just you can choose the most important tabs(change the order) to get displayed on a page.

How to Reorder the Tabs appearing on a Facebook Page?

As i have already mentioned clicking on the “more”option will result in a drop down menu.
In the drop down menu you can find “Manage Tabs option”.(last item of drop down menu).
Clicking on the manage tabs option will open a Pop up Window.

manage tabs on facebook
You can see total tabs of your facebook page.Simply choose the best apps just by dragging and dropping.
Now the save changes and close the pop up window.

As soon as you close the popup window you can notice the tabs order on Facebook page.
Rearranging or changing the tabs on a facebook page is as simple as drag and drop.

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