Recover Accidentally Deleted CNAME Records From Webmaster Tools in blogger blog


Before going to know how to recover Cname Verification Details of a domain name in blogger
blog which you own.Lets see some details about CNAME Record:

What is CNAME Record:

CNAME record stands for Canonical Name record which is a resource record in the Domain Name
System (DNS).Cname Record specifies that this particular domain is alias for another domain.
All the information, including sub domains, IP addresses etc are defined by the canonical domain.
Now a little bit clear about what is CNAME right?

If you are a blogger then CNAME Record is not new for you.The above information given is for
newbies who don’t have any idea about domain name and Cname record.

As we know that blogger and wordpress platforms are the best on the web to host a blog.Most of
the experienced bloggers prefer WordPress over blogger.It doesn’t mean that is not
good.In wordpress there are ready made plugins which makes the word load very easy for you.
You don’t need to know coding to run a blog on wordpress blog.We are getting distracted away from
the topic it seems..Lets get back to our topic i.e “Recover CNAME Records of a domain name from
webmaster tools”.Newbie bloggers and most of us learnt blogging from right?
After purchasing a domain name you have to associate it to a blog.Blogger provides you an option
to “set up third party url for your blog”.With this option you can associate a domain name to a blog.

 recover cname record

You have to enter the particular details (see the below above) in the CNAME records option
given in domain hosting.If you are doing this first time (for that particular domain and blog)
then the records which you are going to enter in the CNAME will be visible for you.If you have
already associated the domain name and blog previously then CNAME Records wont be visible for you
for the next time..I hope you got this point..
We will see in details about this issue.
Recently for one of my blog which is hosted on blogger platform,showed some error.I thought that
the error is because of the fault in the CNAME Records i have entered.So without noting down the
records i have deleted them from the web hosting account of my domain name (unknowing).Now i want
to enter the details once again (which i have deleted earlier) to link my blog to the domain name.
Here comes the problem.I couldn’t recover the CNAME details associated with my blog.Lets see the
simple solution to recover the Cname verification details of a blog hosted on blogger platform.

How to Recover CNAME Verification Details of Blogger Blog.

After creating a blog,the next step is to add the blog to webmater tools.(May be Google Webmaster
or Bing Webmaster tools).During this step you have to clear the verification details to add your
blog to webmaster tools.Now we are going to use same webmaster tools to recover the cname
verification details.
Let see “how to restore Cname Verification Details in Blogger Blog”.
Login to your webmaster tools.
Click on the blog for which you want to get the Cname verification details.
(If you have mutiple blogs added to webmaster tools).
Click on the grid at the right top in webmaster tools window.
This would result in a drop down menu.Click on the verification details in the drop down menu.

recover cname record webmaster tools
From here you can easily retrieve your lost CNAME Verification details of the blog.

I don’t know how many of you find this trick useful.But if you like this article please do share
it with your friends.Thanks for visiting


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