How to Recover your PC’s Performance with System Restore in Windows 7

What is System Restore?
System Restore helps you in fixing the problems that makes your Computer Slow.You can restore your PC to a point where it worked without causing any problem to you.System Restore works on the principle of Ctrl +Z (Undo).It simply undo the system changes and restore it to the previous point where your system worked fine.Restoring your System doesn’t effect your personal files (movies,songs,mails and many more).It just restore or recover the files related to operating system.

Why to use system Recover feature in Windows 7?

Sometimes driver or App or Software installed on computer might not work well as a result your PC becomes unstable.Of course you can uninstall the software or app to remove the error created by it.But what if the App is not getting uninstalled?
There are several situations where you may face problems which you cannot fix.
In such cases System Restore feature in windows will help you.

I have installed Nero 2014 trial version on my PC.After Successful installation,my PC performance has reduced drastically.I don’t know what exactly was the reason?Googled for many hours and got the simple solution.Use System Restore feature to recover your Computer’s performance.

Let me explain your Step by Step procedure to Recover your Computer with System Restore.

How to Recover Your Computer with System Restore in Windows 7?

1)Click on the Start Button in windows 7 and type system restore in search.Press Enter key.

System Restore in windows 7
2)A System Restore popup window would open.This window contains two options

System restore wizard
a)Recommended Restore
If you choose recommended restore option,it would uninstall or undo most recent update
i.e,it would take your PC to recent restore point.
b)Choose a different Restore Point
If the problem which caused is not due to recent update,then you have choose the restore
point manually.Depending on your PC’s problem,choose the option which recovers your Computer performance easily.

For suppose my PC error is not due to recent installation,then i would choose “Choose a
different restore point option”.

3)Choose different restore point option and click next option.
Now you would see many restore points.Click on “Show more Restore points” to find more restore points to recover your PC.Choose a restore point by verifying the date when your computer has become unstable and click on Scan for affected programs.

system restore points windows 7

4)Clicking on the Scan for affected programs will give you details of the programs or software’s or updates which are going to get uninstalled.So check properly before choosing a specific restore point.Click on finish option.

Scan affected in Windows 7 system restore


System Restore windows 7

5)After clicking on the finish button,a popup window will prompt you to choose YES or NO.
Click on the YES button.You cannot undo or cancel until the process completes.Wait till the
process completes.

system restore finish windows 7

System Restore in Windows 7 How long does it take?

System Restore time may vary depending on your Computer(hardware,processor speed and many more).So don’t be tensed,just wait for some time.
After the completion of the process,your PC gets restart and you will see a message
“System Restore Completed successfully”.

Now your Computer’s performance will be same as during the restore point.

1)Go for System Restore if you cannot solve or fix the problem.
2)If you find your PC’s performance slow after an update or installation,you can choose System Restore feature.
Hope this article helps you to recover your PC with System Restore.

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