How to Use Reddit to Bring Huge Traffic to your Blog

How to Increase Traffic to your Blog using Reddit

Reddit is unique and one of the best Social Bookmarking sites.With Reddit you can boost your
blog’s traffic tremendously.Reddit is free traffic generator for your blog.
Have you ever heard the name “REDDIT”?If no,then this article give you exact details and take
you to next level in using Reddit effectively.
Want to become “Perfect Redditor”.This article will helps you.

My Experience with Reddit

Recently i have started using Reddit.I had read about reddit in a blog and came to know that it
is capable of driving huge traffic to a blog.So i had created a new account with reddit.
Logged in to the account and submitted my blog posts.To my surprise i did’t get any traffic from
Reddit.But after two to three days i got some traffic from Reddit.I was really happy about
it.After one week i have been submitting posts regularly on Reddit but my blog is getting zero
traffic from reddit. I don’t know what exactly is going on.
I had visited many forums to know the exact problem.At last i came to know the problem with my
Reddit Account.”My Reddit Account has got Banned”.
They even don’t intimate you or mail you that your account got banned.

Even after getting banned “you can use your Reddit account normally”.But others can’t see your
posts.This is the main reason why “Many redditors can’t drive traffic to their Blogs“.

How to Know whether your Account is Banned?
Copy the above Url and replace the username with yours and paste it in address bar.If your
account got banned,then you cannot see any links which you have submitted.Simply a “Page Not
Found ” would be displayed for you.If you find this message then create a new account with
reddit and never commit the mistakes which you have done before.
Myself have created 2 Reddit Accounts and both got banned.Now my 3rd reddit account is doing
well,as i am not doing the mistakes again which i have done with first 2 accounts.

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Lets see How Reddit Drives traffic to your blog

increase traffic with reddit

Reddit is a Social bookmarking site with voting system.For every post submitted on reddit you
can see Up and Down arrow on its left side to vote.When some one likes your link he will use up
arrow to vote your post.If he or she got distracted (disliked) your post then would hit down
arrow to express his view.
One important Term to be noted is “Karma”.You will get one Karma for very one vote (Of course
you will loose one karma for every down vote).
One more thing even you can vote for the comments.Getting Vote for comments can also increase
your karma.Every Reddit Users priority is to increase “Karma”.More the Karma more you are
successful in using Reddit.

 How to get huge traffic to your Blog with Reddit.

1)Sign up for Reddit Account and read all the rules to avoid Spamming
If you are new to Reddit ,Sign up for an account.After logging to your account,follow all the
rules and regulations to avoid spamming.If Reddit’s algorithm find you doing any sought of
spamming then you are going to get banned.So be sure to read all the TOS before submitting your
first link.Reddit takes spam very seriously.

2)Don’t Submit your Posts alone
Never try to submit only your blog’s posts.You will get banned if your do so.Remember don’t
submit single link from your blog until you get Karma around 200.It may take 15 to 30 days for
you.After that submit your blog posts.But be specific in submitting a blog post.For every 5
links submit one link from your blog (approximately).

3)Try to get more Karma
As i already said gaining more karma should be your goal.More karma means you are getting more
votes.More the votes for your link more would be the traffic.One more thing “If your Karma
value is less you account may get banned”.So try to submit interesting and unique content to
increase up votes to your link.

4)Submit interesting contents from various websites
Submit good and user interested content so that you can get up votes for your link.Don’t submit
links from popular blog’s as they already have submitted the links.Resubmitting a link can
increase your chance of getting banned.
Install an addon on Google chrome which will tell you whether the link is submitted or not
previously.This extension will help Redditors to inquire whether the link is new to Reddit or

5)Write User Attractive Title
Reddit automatically suggests a title for every link you submit.But my advice is to slightly
change the Title to attract the visitors.Title should be interesting,funny and User should not
leave the page without visiting the link you have submitted.

6)Submit the links to suitable Sub Reddit.
Choose specific Reddit while submitting a link.Submitting a link to different subreddit can
also make your account look like spam.As a new user to Reddit my advice is to submit a link to

7)Choose a specific time to submit link.
Majority of Reddit Users are from USA.So follow their time to get maximum votes to the link
submitted by you.If you post a link at peak hours,then you can expect more votes for the link
you submitted.Reddit has given more importance to new link submissions than old ones.
8)Don’t submit too many Links a day.
Submit one or two links daily to reddit. After gaining karma around 300,submit 3 to 4 links

9)Increase your Friends on Reddit
Increase your follower’s on reddit. Just go to a users profile and click on “+friends” option on
the right top.Try to follow users who have more karma. Of course this won’t increase traffic to
your blog.But it increases your engagement with other users.

Click here to visit Reddit and to start your journey as Redditor

Hope this article helps you in getting traffic to your blog for free from Reddit.If you know
other social networking sites which can rise your blog’s traffic to let me know.
Thank you for visiting Techgide.