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Reliance jio Mobile Number Portability:

Reliance Jio is supplying its 4G SIM along with unlimited data offer for all 4G smartphone owners beginning from Monday, September 5, however few users are concerned over losing their existing number associated with mobile operators like Idea, Vodafone, Airtel or BSNL. To beat that challenge, Jio is permitting users to port their current number to Jio’s network and avail unlimited Data, and other benefits till 31st Dec 2016. After that, users will be able to enjoy free Voice Calls when they buy Jio 4G data package.

Reliance Jio is also providing Unlimited SMS, Hotspot data and other benefits like additionally 25% data for the students, There will be No Blackout days and also no roaming charges across India. With Mobile Number Portability (MNP) service available, users of any Telecom service provider will quickly switch to Jio without much trouble. Users don’t need to change their mobile number. The Jio MNP will be live from the 5th September. Simply follow the steps below to port your phone number to Reliance Jio.

Steps To Port Your Number To Jio 4G:

Note: Users of any Indian Telecom Service provider such as Airtel, Idea, BSNL, vodafone and other different services can port their phone number to Jio 4G SIM Card through Mobile Number Portability.

1. First send an SMS “PORT Mobile Number” to 1900. You should send the SMS from the same mobile number that you wish to port to Jio 4G. Normal, SMS Charges Apply.

Example – PORT 9873248690

2. Once you have sended the SMS, you will receive an SMS with UPC (Unique Port Code). The UPC is valid for the 15 Days only. Now, Download MyJio app from the google Play Store and generate offer code.

3. Visit the closest Reliance Digital or Preferred Jio retailer or prominent multi-brand Jio stores and fill the customer application details form. You will also need to submit the required documents such as Aadhar Card, Address proof, Passport size photo,. as soon as possible, then the Reliance will be implementing Jio eKYC Signup.

4. A new Jio 4G Sim Card will be offered to you on-the-spot itself. As per the Telecom regulations of India, your phone number will remain along with your current service provider for the next 5 Days.

5. After 5-7 Days, you will insert the New and Activated Jio Sim Card in your 4G smartphone and enjoy the Jio Preview offer and other benefits also.

You may need to pay Rs. 19 For the Process to get done.
When the porting process is completed, your current SIM card will show you “No Service” and you can insert the new Jio Sim card. `

Same steps are required for Idea to Jio Port, Airtel to Jio Port, Vodafone to Jio Port, BSNL to Jio port, Docomo to Jio Port,or for any other service provider. Please note that UPC code is valid only for the 15 Days, and you need to Port your phone number before the Unique Port Code expires.

All you are required to do is, generate the UPC code from your current phone number and head over to the closest Reliance Digital store and get Jio 4G Sim for free.
Reliance Jio will be formally launched on 5th September, and also the commercial operations of Jio will begin from 31st December. Beginning Sep 5, All the Jio Premium Services and Apps such as JioPlay, JioMoney, JioBeats will be available for all users for free under Jio Welcomer offer.

Reliance had additionally cut down the price of latest LYF Handsets and Jio wireless local area device. On an average, all the Indian Telecom operators charge Rs 250 per GB, however the Jio is offering Data at only Rs 50 Per GB. Mr. Mukesh Amabni, CEO of Reliance stated that Jio 4G network will cover 90 percent of Indian Population by the March 2017.

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