Remove Unwanted Backlinks for Your Blog with Review

Remove Unwanted Backlinks is backlink removal service.With Linkdelete you can delete bad backlinks pointing to your blog.

Over 75% of all websites have potentially harming backlinks causing a loss in Google rankings. Is your website one of them? We can help reduce the number of bad links which can help increase rankings.”

What Are Bad Backlinks and who creates them?

These Backlinks would effect your blog in negative way.If Google finds your blog has bad backlinks then your blog’s organic traffic would be reduced by huge margin.
For example:  Your blog is doing well in Google Search.Your Competitor may not like this.So he may create backlinks for your blog to effect search engine rankings.

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How to Delete these Bad Backlinks ?

To delete bad links pointing to your blog make use of link removal service.One such service is “”. Linkdelete is one of the best online tool to remove backlinks of your blog.

How Works?
1)Analizes Backlink
They will analyze your blog’s backlink using all the major online tools available.They will create a detailed report of your blog’s backlinks.
2)Works with Webmasters
Will work on the backlink report and select the bad backlinks to remove.They work with the webmasters to remove the unwanted backlinks pointing to your blog.
3)Final Report 
They will send a report that details which links have been removed and what actions have been taken to clean up your backlink profile to submit to Google. is not available for free.Three different plans to choose from
1)Basic 2)Premium 3)Enterprise

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