How to Remove Danger Malware Ahead Message In Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome is undeniably the best browser with many security features added to its basket.
One such security feature which made Google Chrome the best one is “Malware Detection

When Chrome Browser detects a webpage with malware threats it will warn by giving you an alert
message “Danger :Malware Ahead”.As usage of internet is increasing hackers are targeting users
to steal their financial and personal data.This security measure implemented in Chrome helps
user from being attacked by malicious threats.
If Google finds any website or blog suspicious while crawling then it will mark that blog and
displays “Malware Ahead Message”.If you try to access such websites using chrome browser then
you will get an Malware Ahead Alert.
Then you might have question “why to disable Malware Protection in Chrome Question”.
Of course this feature is very much useful but sometimes its really frustrating.
Disabling this feature can create problems while accessing blog’s which are already attacked by
active malware threats.
I am not suggesting you to disable “Phishing and Malware Protection”.
Just I am giving you an idea on How to stop Chrome Danger Malware Warning.
Lets come back to our topic i.e How to Deactivate Malware Detection in Chrome Browser.

How to Disable Phishing and Malware Protection in Chrome Browser.

1)Launch the Chrome Browser and Go to Menu Grid at right top.
2)Click on the grid which will open a drop down menu.

chrome menu settings
3)Click on the settings to open Settings Windows.
4)Scroll down the window and click on the Show Advanced Settings Option.
5)Under the advanced Settings you can find Privacy Tab.

chrome Browser Privacy Setting
6)Uncheck “Enable Phishing and Malware protection”.
Now you have successfully disabled “Malware Protection” in Your Chrome Browser.
Open a website,previously which has shown “Danger :Malware Ahead” Message.Now can access the website or blog without any alert.

Hope this article helps in r.Removing Phishing and Malware Protection from Chrome Browse
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