Remove your Facebook Profile from Search Engines like Google,Bing

With Emergence of Facebook almost every person has online address (online identity).Keeping your Facebook identity secret is very important as it may cause problems for you.
Have you ever searched your name in Google search ? You would be shocked if you see the results.Your Facebook timeline profile would be on first page of Google Search.Want to hide your Facebook profile from Google ? Then you are at right place.This article will show you how to stop Google from showing your Facebook Profile in Search

How to hide Your Facebook Profile from Search Engines?

Hiding your Facebook profile is very simple.Log in to your Facebook account.
Go to Account Settings and click on Privacy.
Under Privacy settings you will see “Who can look me up?”.
Under that you will see “Do you want other search engines to link to your timeline?”.

Remove your Facebook Profile from Search Engines

Click on edit option and uncheck the option i.e (Let other search engines link to your timeline).By disabling this feature you are stopping search engines to link to your Facebook profile.
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How to Delete Facebook Profile (already indexed) from Search Engines ?

You can delete facebook profile from search engines very easily.Just by disabling the above mentioned feature ( disable search engines to link to your facebook profile) you can stop search engines from indexing your online identity.But It may take a while for search engines to delete link to your timeline in their results.
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