How to Remove Phone Number from Truecaller Database / Search

In our previous article we have seen how to trace a mobile number with location using Truecaller application. Here in this article we are going to dig more deeper into Truecaller Search. Truecaller is undoubtedly the best online phone number directory.It stores every number that comes in it way.

Don’t know how Truecaller tracks a phone number and store it in data base.Then this article will let you know where and how Truecaller gets a number.

With Truecaller application it is very simple to track a person’s mobile number details like mobile number location,Name of person and many other things.

Don’t know how to track a mobile number then navigate through the link to get the details.

Anything thing in the world has both positives and negatives.Similarly Truecaller has both ,listing a phone number in Truecaller might be helpful to some one and might be a threat to some other’s.

Feeling insecure with Mobile Number Listing in Truecaller search ? then it is very simple to remove it from their database. Truecaller has taken necessary precautions as it has given optimum priority to its users safety.

Here is the step by step procedure to unlist a mobile number from truecaller directory.

Learn How to Remove / Block Your Number from Truecaller Database ?

Click on the link to Unlist and Remove My Number from Truecaller Database

Don’t want to get your mobile number listed in truecaller then enter the phone number (in the prescribed format
) in the space provided and Click on “Unlist” option.

truecaller unlist form

If you guys have a verified truecaller account,then you have to deactivate it first inorder to unlist your  mobile number Truecaller directory.

Motive behind this is very clear i.e Truecaller needs to confirm that you are the actual owner of the Mobile  number.Only authorized persons can now remove their contact details from truecaller directory.

If you are using Truecaller on your Smartphone (May Be Android,Iphone,Windows )? Procedure to deactivate the account is very much similar to the  one we have given above.

Recommended : Install Truecaller on Computer using Android Emulator

Android Users :
Open the app and Press on the people icon in the upper left corner to go to Settings.Under the settings you  will find “About” section.Under About Section you will see “Deactivate Account”.Click on it  to deactivate the account and delete your mobile number from truecaller search.

Removing a number from truecaller search” is very simple right ? if you guys find this article useful then please do share it with your friends on facebook and twitter,so that they may find it useful.



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