How to Reopen Accidentally Closed Tab in Google Chrome on Windows PC


Most of the Chrome Users have definitely faced this problem..
If you are advanced chrome user then you might have find the solution to reopen closed tab.
If you are new to Chrome Browser,then this article is for you..

Don’t know how to restore a closed tab in Chrome.
In this article you can find easy ways to recover or open the accidentally closed tab in Chrome browser.

Google Chrome is the best browser because of its speed and performance.
Every Chrome user would open many tabs while browsing the internet.In some cases while moving from one tab to
other you may close the tab accidentally .It happens to every one but you should know the method to recover or
reopen the closed tab.If you are heavy tab user then it is more difficult to find the recently closed tab.
In this article you can find three ways to reopen a accidentally closed chrome tab.

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Restore Unexpectedly Closed Tab in Google Chrome.

1)Use Short Cut Key to Open Recently Closed Tab.

Chrome browser has many short cut keys to make the task easier for its users.Chrome browser has inbuilt

short cut key to reopen accidentally closed tabs or recently closed tab.
Press CTRL+SHIFT+T to reopen the recently closed tab.A new tab with recently closed webpage will open.
You can use this method to reopen last 10 tabs in Chrome browser.
Very simple right..Now we will see one more way to restore accidentally closed chrome tab.

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2)Right click on the Space above the Address Bar.

Right click on the TAB screen or space above the address bar.This would open a drop down menu for you.Choose
Reopen closed tab to open the tab which you have closed without your knowledge.

reopen closed tab in chrome

3)Find the recently closed tab from the history.

One more way to find the last closed tab in chrome browser is through History.Press CTRL+H or type
chrome://history/ in the address bar to open chrome history.

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reopen closed tab with chrome history
Here you can get list of all the tabs which you have opened in this session.It is very simple to find the
recently closed with the list you have right.

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