How to Rotate your Desktop/Laptop Screen in windows 7 or Windows 8


One more Windows Trick for techgiders
Don’t know how to rotate Windows Screen of a PC/Laptop?
In this article you will learn how to flip Desktop Screen of a PC running on Windows.
Before learning to flip a screen on PC running with Windows.We will see some basic questions of
rotating Laptop Screen in Windows 7..

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Whats the use of Flipping Windows Desktop Screen ?

Different Ways to Rotate Desktop Screen in Windows.

How to Rotate Laptop Screen Running on Windows 7 or 8?

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Use of Flipping Screen in Windows

To be frank there is no use of rotating a screen on a PC.You an use this trick just to prank or
banter you friends or colleagues in office environment.More than this flipping trick doesnt
have any use.

Ways to Rotate the Laptop Screen in Windows 7

You can rotate desktop screen in many ways.I am listing you three simple ways to flip Laptop
1)Rotate the screen using hot keys on Keyboard.

2)Rotate the Screen with Graphic Options on Desktop.

3)Screen Resolution on Desktop.

Lets see in detail how to rotate Desktop screen in above mentioned ways.

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How to Rotate Desktop Screen on Windows 7 or Windows 8

1)Rotate the Screen with Hot Keys

This trick works differently with different drivers.If you are using AMD Drivers the hot
key combination will be SHIFT+ALT+Arrow.
In case of Intel Drivers the Flipping Hot Key combination is CTRL+ALT+Arrow..
So flipping of Desktop Screen with hot keys depends on the software and hardware configuration
of your PC.
With is trick you can make windows Screen to flip 90 degrees,180 degrees ,270 degress and back
to normal postion.
Here i am giving you the Hot Key combination of the PC running with Intel Drivers.
CTRL+ALT+up Arrow —> Normal Screen or 360 Degree rotation

flip windows screen up
CTRL+ALT+Left Side arrow Arrow–>Windows Screen Flip by 90 Degrees
CTRL+ALT+Down Arrow–Flip by 180 Degrees

flip windows screen down
CTRL+ALT+Right Side Arrow –>Flip by 270 Degrees.

Using Flip Key is a short cut to rotate the desktop screen.

2)Rotate the Screen with Graphic Options on Desktop.

Right Click on the desktop to find Graphic Options.Hovering over the graphic options will open
a drop down menu.In the drop down menu you can find “ROTATION” option.
Rotation option will give you another drop menu from which you can choose the angle of

flip with graphics option

3)Rotate with Screen Resolution on Desktop.

Find Screen resolution by right clicking on the desktop.Click on the Screen resolution to open
a new Window.Here you can flip or unflip the screen changing the orientation.
Choose the flipping option from the drop down menu of Orientation.
With this method you can flip the desktop screen only by 180 degrees.

flip with screen resolution

Hope this simple windows trick will help you bantering your friends.If you find this trick
useful do share it with your friends.