How to Run Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool (MSDT) on Windows 7/8


Till now we have seen many features of Windows Operating Systems and Tips to fix the errors
caused on Windows running PC.In this article we will look at a tool in Windows OS which is use
to diagnose the problems associated with Windows.The Tool is named as”Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool”
by Microsoft.Microsoft Diagnostic Tool helps you in solving/rectifying the problems
related to windows. MSDT runs both with and without internet Connection.

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How to run MS Diagnostic Tool in Windows 7 and Windows 8.

To execute MSDT successfully on a PC you need to have passkey.You can obtain the Pass Key from
support professional of Microsoft.To obtain the passkey just contact Microsoft Support for any
sought of Help.The Support professional will provide you a pass key.

Now open MSDT and enter the pass key/Support Key given by Microsoft Support Professional.


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How to Open MSDT in a PC with Windows 7/8 with Internet Connection

Go to Search Programs and Files box and type Msdt in it and press enter.
This would open a new popup window “Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool”.
Enter the support key/pass key which you got from the Support Professional and click on the next
option.Now follow the instructions of Support Wizard in executing and solving the issue.

As i have already mentioned “You can run MSDT on a Windows PC with and without internet connection”.
Lets see how to run MSDT in Windows 7/8 without an internet Connection.

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How to Run MSDT in Windows PC with without Internet Connection.

To run Msdt on a PC with out internet connection,you have to first download the package from a PC
with internet connection.Now you can use this package on PC with out internet connection to resolve
the issue.This package is named as Offline Package.
Execute the offline package on a Windows Computer without internet Connection to generate a CAB file
(Cabinet file).

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Cabinet File:cab file is set of compressed files which organizes the installation files on a Computer.

Microsoft Support uses the information that MSDT collects to analyze and then determine the correct
resolution to problems that you are experiencing on the computer.
You can complete details on MSDT in Microsoft’s official help page









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