How to save webpage as PDF file in Edge Browser

The “Microsoft Edge” is a light-weight application program that loads the webpages very quickly when  compared to Chrome and Firefox. When the Windows 10 Anniversary update was done, Microsoft has been added support of installing extensions in it. Recently, we have also installed an advertisement blocker extension in the web designer tools. This move will make the webpages load more and more faster .Therefore, most of the time we will be able to use this browser to browse the internet. And Sometimes, we may have some important websites to save those websites as PDF in my computer or PC for future references. It doesn’t always make a sense to open that website and look at it so we can save that webpage as PDF for further use in a separate browser Or,  by copy and paste that may not be a permanent solution. So, you have to make use of the Edge browser as a web page to PDF converter software with a little bit of effort.

Let us see here how to save any web-page to PDF document using Edge browser.

The way how to Save webpage as PDF file in Edge Browser:

what gets the confusing for users while trying to save a web page as PDF is that the inability to search any option to Save Control+S it. However, you don’t have to worry about how to save a web page. You can actually get use of the in-built Microsoft Print to PDF feature to print the webpage as a PDF file that is basically just the same as saving it. Here is the process how to do so:

1.  First open Microsoft Edge and go to any webpage that you want to save as PDF document. Let us wait for sometime to load the page completely.

pDF file

2. It is wise to enter Reading Mode before you want to save the webpage as PDF file. This will be removing the extra clutter if there is any advertisements and images that may be muddle up with your reading experience. Click on the little book icon which is at the right side of the address bar to enter the Reading Mode.

reading mode

3. Then next, click on the the horizontal ellipsis menu icon  which is at the top right corner and choose the Print from the options available. Otherwise, you can also hit on the Ctrl+P on your keyboard. This will be open up with the print dialog for Edge browser.
printing the web page

4. Select the Microsoft Print to PDF from the Printer drop down menu and also adjust other settings such as scaling and margin for your preference.
PDf file

5. Once it was set, click on the Print to save the file. A Save Print Output As window should surface up where you will be able to select your Save location and enter a file name. You will  also be able to note that the file will be saved as a PDF document. Click on the Save to download the file on your PC or computer.

typing the file name

6. That’s it! You can now able to open your saved file in any PDF file viewer program.


Using the above method, anyone can use Microsoft Edge responsive web designer tool to convert and save any of the webpage without taking any help of third-party software. The technique is much similar to save webpage by using Chrome browser.

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