How to Schedule a Blog Post on Blogspot to publish a post Automatically is certainly the best free platform for blogging.It provides many features which makes many blogger’s to choose instead of WordPress.(of course professional blogger’s prefer WordPress to course there are many advantages of choosing Blogger as blogging platform instead of Wordpress. I am not going to list of the advantages and disadvantages of using Blogspot blogging platform here.Let’s come back to our main topic.

One such feature which makes unique is “Scheduling your blog posts”.To be frank many Bloggers don’t know about the existence of this feature (including myself).I came to know about this feature while going through the seo forums.With this feature you can enable Auto posting of particular post on your blogger blog.You can even the fix the date and time when your blog post should publish.Let’s see how to make a blog post publish automatically?

What are the uses of Scheduling your posts on Blogger?

Updating your blog regularly would increase your blog’s growth and popularity.You may be wondering how it is possible ?Let me explain
a)As we all know that publishing posts on your blog would increase Alexa Rank of gives high priority to blog which updates regulary.
b)Search Engine Gaints like Google gives importance to the blog’s which publish regular blog updates.
c)Regular blog updates play crucial role in terms Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
d)You can increase your blog’s readership which would increase your blog’s popularity.
I hope now you got the importance of updating a blog regularly.

For example:When you are out for a vacation or what ever may be the reason you couldn’t publish
a post for next 10 ways.
Blog without update for ten days..Not sounding good,right?
It would create bad impression on your blog,as your blog visitors would expect something from
your blog.One solution is “Schedule Blog posts“.
This feature will update your blog automatically without your manual help.You can publish your
blog post while sleeping.Just write 2 to 3 blog posts before leaving for vacation.
Schedule the time when your blog posts should be published.Remaining work would be done by
blogging platform automatically.
This is “why Scheduling blog post is crucial“.Let’s see How to Plan blog posts on Blogspot
platform to publish automatically.

How to Organize Blog post to publish automatically on your desired time?

Login to your blogger account.Create New post and write the post with rich Keywords and SEO.
After this click on the SCHEDULE option below LABEL in Blogger Dashboard.
Clicking on the Schedule option will give you two options
b)Set Time And Date

schedule blog post on blogspot
If you Click on Automatic your blog post would be published as soon as you click on the Publish
Button.Click on “SET DATE AND TIME” to plan a blog post.Choose the date and time on which you want to publish your blogger post.Now your blog post will be published with out your manual work.
Note:Choose best time to schedule blog post (when you can get maximum views).
Very helpful feature for Blogger’s using Blogger platform.

How to Un Schedule a Scheduled Blog Post on Blogger?

Want to cancel the Scheduled time to publish a post?It is very simple.Just click on the Schedule option and choose Automatic.That’s it now your post is unscheduled.

Hope this article helps you.If you find any difficulty in scheduling a blog post,please do let
me know.Thank your for visiting Tech Gide