Top 10 Desktop Screen Capturing Softwares 2018 | Free Video Recording Applications for Windows PC

First things first. Before we move ahead let me highlight the importance of videos for you:

  • Videos are a great tool for learning.
  • For demonstration purposes, videos are the best.
  • Through videos, people tend to remember a thing for a long period of time as compared to audio or written material.
  • Videos keep the audience’s concentration intact throughout the session.

The importance of videos cannot be neglected in our daily life. They are now an integral part of our daily routine. We watch tons of videos in a day ranging from YouTube, Movies etc. Videos can be either educational, entertainment or any other genre.

Have you ever thought of creating your own gameplay video and sharing it with friends? You know how to fix an app or PC issue and you want to create a video on it. What will you do? In this case, you require a screen recording software. Now you must be thinking about the best screen recording software available. We are here to help you in that. In this post, we have compiled a list of Top 10 Screen Recording Software for PC/ Laptop with Windows 10/8 & Windows 8.1/7. 

Here is the List of Top 10 Screen Capture Softwares:


  • This is one of the most powerful screen capture application for gamers. It is one of the best game recording software available.
  • Do you want to create a professional looking video? If yes then this software is a must-have for you.
  • Using this software we can record directly from webcam or microphone and also include gaming videos or existing videos in it. Even still images can be added.
  • Gameplay can be recorded in full-screen mode at 60 FPS or even higher.
  • The only downside to this game recording software is that it will definitely take a little time to familiarize yourself with its working as no proper guides are presented with it.
  • Get this amazing screen capture application from here.
  • Download Application Here
  1. EZVID

  • If OBS was a little difficult to use then Ezvid claims to be one of the easiest screen capture application in the world.
  • Boasting of a great speed it only takes minutes to create a video and upload it to YouTube.
  • If you want to change your voice in the video you can apply various effects on your audio.
  • You can control the speed of your video and select your favorite soundtrack behind your video.
  • Though this is an ultimate video recorder there is no Export Function available to save the video locally.
  • Also, you are required to have at least 10 GB of empty space on your hard drive.
  • Get Ezvid from here.
  • Click Here to Download

  • This is another screen recorder similar to OBS Studio which is made for gamers and for capturing footage from your Webcam.
  • This is a free version of a program which is original paid. But you needn’t worry about any watermarks on your videos as that won’t happen.
  • Its user interface is quite easy to understand and this is what makes it good for beginners who are new at screen capturing.
  • You can schedule a recording through this software so as to prevent showing yourself launching any game or a tutorial.]
  • You can download FlashBack Express from here. Visit Official Website
  • When you go for downloading this software they will ask your purpose for using this application and you need to verify your email id on which a license key will be sent to your good self.

record screen for future references


  • Icecream Screen Recorder is a very simple screen capture application. It has enough features for making tutorial videos, recording webinars or recording conversations.
  • You can add your own hotkeys to make the recording task smooth and easy.
  • You can select a certain area to get recorded and even record multiple areas.
  • Also, zoom in and zoom out feature is there while the video is getting recorded.
  • However, there is no way to set the frame rate and only exports videos to WebM.
  • You can get this screen recording application from here.
  • Icecream Screen Recorder

  • If you are planning to make something in the educational segment like making tutorials then Active Presenter is the best for you.
  • To make your recordings look more interactive this screen capture application provides you with callouts, voiceover, annotations, graphics etc.
  • We can export our projects in various formats like Word, PowerPoint, PDF, and HTML5. However, this can be done in the paid version only which costs $149.
  • You can download the trial version of Active Presenter. Later on, if this suits your requirements you can upgrade to the paid version.
  • Download Activepresenter and GoPro

  • This is one of the most expensive screen recording applications with licenses starting from $299. But tech-savvy people who require a full-blown screen recorder with all the features go for this.
  • You think of a feature and Camtasia has it. A video rendering module is supplied in which audio, video and cursor tracks can be edited separately.
  • You can import your existing videos, images or soundtracks.
  • Just like Active Presenter, you can add callouts, voice over or annotations to your videos.
  • The webcam is incorporated.
  • So if you see if we start talking about the features of Camtasia then you will be shocked to see that it has everything included in it. No wonder for the heavy price.
  • It does have a 30-day free trial and you are required to sign up for it from the official website.
  • Start your Free Trial Now

  • This is probably the simplest software through which you can record desktop on Windows 10.
  • Once you are over with the installation of this software all you are required to do is to specify the codec, frame rate and location where you would like to store the file and just hit ‘Start’ after that.
  • The end result i.e. your video will be provided to you by Rylstim.
  • It is totally free of cost and even you can opt for a portable version.
  • Get it from here. Free Screen Recorder

  • This is the screen capture application for which you are not required to install anything.
  • All you require is a web browser on which Java is installed.
  • If you have both of these things; simply head to Official website and begin recording your screen.
  • Download and Cast Your Screen Now

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  • Tiny Take is developed by Mango Apps. This screen recorder application is highly convenient if you are planning to give some commercial presentations.
  • Through Tiny Take, we can attach the output directly to a messenger and send it to any device we want. Bulk file sharing is available.
  • Though it is a good screen recorder with user-friendly interface there is a big lack of editing tools.
  • Also, the screen recording is limited to 2 hours and videos are saved only in MP4.
  • It does provide us the ability to create our very own shortcut keys.
  • The worst part of this video capture software is that there is no trial version available and you are required to spend anything in between $30 to $200 a year. The cost depends on the abilities that you want.
  • You can get Tiny Take from here. Click Here

  • Through this screen capture application, you can make recordings from your webcam or your screen and upload directly to YouTube or the free host of screencast-o-matic.
  • With the free version you can make videos up to 15 minutes of length. That’s enough for a YouTube video.
  • But the best thing about this video capture software is that its paid version is super cheap than others with price being $15 for a year and $29 for 3 years.
  • However the free version does include a water mark in your videos.
  • If you are making videos for You Tube you can go ahead with the paid version as this will work best and super cheap for you.
  • Get screencast-o-matic from here. Download and Start recording Your Screen 

So folks these were the Top 10 Best Screen Recorder for Windows 10/8.1 & Windows 8/7. 

There are lot many screen recording applications available and if you have any other in your mind then you can put it down in comments below and we will provide you with our thoughts regarding it.



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