Best Sites to send SMS Message for free 2013

Sending SMS message to friends is quite common these days,especially for youth.
Sending SMS with your cellular phone is very easy but it is not free of cost.
Many of us,some or other time will face a problem like “No Balance” in your Mobile.
You can even send SMS message at that time without interruption,but not with your mobile phone.You can send send free sms from computer or laptop with internet connection.
There are many websites available on internet which allows you to send free SMS message to cellular phones.Some of them allows only limited number of SMS messages daily to a particular number.But some of the websites allows to send unlimited number of messages with 160 characters.Even you can earn money (recharge for your number) just by sending sms using their service.

Sites to Send free SMS online

Advantages of using Free Online SMS Service over Sending SMS with phone

1)Free Online SMS message service is free of cost
2)You can save time as your typing speed on a Computer is more.
3)Can Send messages to any country in the world for free.

Lets see the list of best sites to send SMS Message for Free

Top Sites to Send Free SMS Message

Most Popular Online Free SMS Service from India.One of the largest and fastest growing SMS website in the world with 25 million users.You can send free SMS to any mobile network in India and other Countries (209).Works with almost 805 networks all over the world.  Way2Sms is famous when compared to other SMS service because of its delivery time.It takes less than 5 seconds to deliver a message.User Friendly interface to organize your contacts is one more feature.With Way2sms you can earn recharge by sending SMS and playing quiz.Undeniably the best online SMS service.Click here to sign up a new account on Way2sms
One of the best free online SMS sending Service.One limitation with 160by2 is you can only send SMS message with in India.You can win exciting products from bids and rewards store.Two features which made 160by2 popular is its delivery time and user friendly interface.For Standard SMS the limit is 160 characters and normal SMS the limit is 140 Characters.
Click here to sign up an account with
Indyarocks is an Online Service to send text messages to mobile for free.One feature which made Indyarocks remain in the competition is “you can schedule SMS message all over India“.Just create a SMS and set the time,date on which you want to get your message delivered.Remaining work will be done by Indyarocks Service.
Click here to create account on Indyarocks.
With e-freesms you can send SMS for free to over 150 countries.You can even make free International calls to mobiles and land phone numbers.You can create SMS message of 120 characters.No registration required to send messages using SMS service.Only drawback is you can limited (3) SMS per day.
SMScity allows you to send free SMS messages everyday.You can send group SMS and plan SMS for free.With SMScity you can send Text messages to over 22 Countries.You can even send pictures using SMScity.
Click here to Register an account with SMScity
Textmefree is one of the best reliable Online SMS service with no registration.You can Local SMS message and International SMS for free.
Send Free Text Messages with out registration using Atrochatro. It has collection of SMS based on occasions from which you can choose and send SMS. Atrochatro provides many other features like listening to songs,play games etc.
MysmsIndia allows you to send unlimited SMS messages all over India.They provides Online SMS Service to many firms like educational institutions.Registration is free for Unlike other Services,Mysmsindia doesn’t allow advertisement in the SMS.
Click here to sign up an account with

The above listed SMS sites helps you in Sending Free SMS online.If you know any other online service to send free SMS do let me know.Thank you for Visiting