Increase Traffic to Your Blog with Seo Optimized Images

Seo Optimized Images

Increasing the blog traffic is every bloggers primary goal.You can increase traffic to your blog by practicing good SEO.

Two types of traffic you can expect for your blog

1)Organic Traffic (Search Engine Traffic)

2)Referral Traffic

Getting Organic traffic is more valuable than Referral traffic.Almost all the visitors sent by search engines are targeted visitors.Even your Blog’s Earning would be more if your traffic is organic traffic.

You can get Organic Traffic in two ways

1)From Web Search

2)Through Image Search

Image Search (Google Image Search) sends decent amount of traffic to your blog if the images in your blog are well optimized.

How to optimize images on your blog to increase visitors.

1)Use Primary Keyword In Image Name

Whether you have created an image or downloaded it from the web,name the image with primary keyword.Don’t name the image as 12345.jpg or abcd.jpg. Use proper keyword to name the image.

For example:

In this article I would choose “image-optimization” as the image name.As it is my primary keyword.

2)Use Only Hyphen in the image name

If your keyword is long then use hyphen to join the words. (Example :image-optimization) Never use underscore or special characters to join two words.It is not good seo practice.

3)Use Alt and Title tags 

Use your blog posts primary keyword in Alt and Title tags.Don’t overuse keywords in ALT and TITLE tags this would result in Black hat SEO.

4)Choose the best image format

Choose either jpg or png format images.Both these formats are web friendly and helps in image optimization.

5)Compress the image to reduce the image size

After choosing the image format,don’t forget to compress the image.Compressing the image would reduce the image size.Lesser the image size less would be the load on the web page.So the web page loads very fast.

Now upload the the optimized image to your blog post.This would definitely increase your chance to get good traffic from image search.

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