Set Up Google Analytics on WordPress Blog in Just 5 Minutes for Beginners


Here we are going to give clearly explanation on how to install Google Analytics on a WordPress Blog.This article is solely for beginners i.e novice bloggers who are very much new to WordPress blogging platform.

What is Google Analytics ?
Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google for website owners to analyze their blog’s traffic in all ¬†possible ways.GA will let you know stats about a blog like,who is visiting the site,how much time they are spending on a blog,most engaging pages on your blog,real time visitors on a blog,Traffic sources,Location of blog visitors and many other factors which will surely help in making a blog run successfully.

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Hope this introduction on Google Analytics is more than enough for you guys to know how GA is going to impact a blog’s success.

How to Create Google Analytics Account ?

In order to create a google analytics account you must a Gmail account.If you have a Gmail account then its good.If not then follow this link to create a new GoAgle account.

Hope you guys now have a valid Gmail Id …

Now visit the Google Analytics Page and click on sign in Google Analytics Option.Now enter the Gmail id login Credentials and click on Signup option

google analytics

google analytics sign up

Lets see the procedure on how to get Tracking Code ?

Now enter the account name,website name & Website URL and click on the get tracking Id option.

google analytics tracking id

[Above mentioned process is for users who are logging into Google analytics account for the first time].If you have already signed up for GA account then you can simply click on the admin option to get a tracking code for a blog.

google analytics traffic id info

After getting the GA tracking id,Now you have to place this tracking code on WordPress blog.Lets see in the next step on how to add GA Tacking code to a blog and in how many ways we can do it.

How to Add or Setup Google Analytics Tracking Code to a WordPress Blog?

There are many ways to add Google Analytics code to a WordPress Blog.Here are giving you the two best and easy ways to install GA code on a blog which runs on WordPress Blogging Platform.

1)Using WordPress Plugins
There are many WordPress plugins available to set up Google Analytics code on a blog.Search in google for GA WordPress Plugins,you will find hundred’s.

Insert Headers & Footers WordPress Plugin

This is the best and light weight WordPress plugin to add Google Analytics tracking code to a blog.

2)Manually Paste it in Header Field
Copy the GA Tracking code and save it in the header.php file right after the body tag.

Hope you guys find this article i.e Install GA Tracking code on WordPress Blog useful.Please do share it with your friends on social media.




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