How to Set Up a Secret Facebook Group


Facebook has been ruling Social Media World for the last 6 to 7 years and it will.It is because,it has
introduced many such features which made its competitors to close their business.
Facebook Groups,Facebook Fan pages are some of the features which made Facebook Unique Social Networking
site.Lets come back to our topic i.e How to make a Secret Facebook Group.

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Facebook allows its users to create groups.You can create a group in three forms
a)Open Group
Any One can see the group who is in it and what the members post.
b)Closed Group
Any One can see the group who is in it.Only Members can post.
c)Secret Group

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Only Members can see the group who is in it and what the members post.
Secret group is one which you cannot find by searching on Facebook.Group owner or admin has to sent an
invitation to you,to make it visible for you or to make you a member of the group.
Once you are out the group,again it is no way visible for you.
Facebook Secret group is simply “Only Members can see the group and only members can post in the group“.

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I hope now you have clear cut idea on What is “Facebook Secret Group”.

How to Create A Secret Facebook Group

1)Login to your Facebook Account.

2)Click on Create Group option to create a new group.

3)This would open a new Pop Up window.

facebook secret group
Enter the name of the group
Choose friends whom you want to add to the group
Choose Privacy as “Secret”.
Click on the create button.

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4)Choose an icon for your group or you can skip this step.Now you have successfully created a Secret group on

facebook secret group skip

5)Customize your Facebook Secret Group by Uploading an image which suits your group.

6)Add description to your Secret Facebook Group.

How to Make Already Existing Group to Secret Group.

To Set the existing group permissions to Secret,you must be the admin of the group.
Making an existing group to Secret is more easy as you don’t have to create a group.
Click on the group.
Change the privacy settings to Secret.

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