How to Set Video as Wallpaper in Windows 10 / 8.1 With VLC Media Player

Vlc Media Player is undoubtedly the best media player available till date. VLC is absolutely free and open source cross platform multimedia player which supports all the formats like wmv,avi,mpeg,real audio,amr,midi,mp3 and many more.You can install and use vlc media player on any platform (Windows,Linux,Mac).One more Benefit of using VLC Media Player is ” No Advertisements,No Spyware  & No User Tracking”.

Download VLC Media Player : Click here

Just follow the above link,you will get more information on VLC like,Features of VLC Media Player,Customization and Latest Version of Vlc for various platforms like Windows 10,Windows Phone,iOS,Apple Tv,Mac OS X,Android,Chrome OS,FreeBSD,NetBSD,Solaris,QNX,Syllable,ALT Linux,Fedora etc.

Anyway lets get back to our topic i.e. how to set a video as a laptop / desktop background using vlc media player

Setting an image as desktop wallpaper is very easy.But have you ever tried setting a video as desktop wallpaper?Let’s see How to set video playing in vlc player as desktop Wallpaper.

Set Video Playing in VLC Player as Windows 10 Wallpaper

Open Vlc Media Player and Press Ctrl+P (Go to tools menu and click on the preferences).

vlc player preferences
Now go to the video tab and select Direct Video Output ( Directx ) option from the drop down menu of Output.

vlc direct output
Save the settings and the pop window will terminate automatically.
Now play the video which you want to see as your Desktop Wallpaper.
Just right click on the video and click on the video tab and select “Set as Wallpaper” option.

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vlc player tips
Now minimize the Vlc Media Player and enjoy the video as your Desktop Background.
There are many third party software’s which allows you to set video as Desktop Background.But with Vlc you don’t need to install any other external software to set video as desktop background.You can even enjoy many other features with Vlc Media Player.