Learn How to Add Custom Domain Name to Your Blogger Blog

Blogger has introduced custom domain feature long back.You can add custom domain to blogger in two ways

1)Buy a Domain name from Blogger.(Blogger has now disabled this option)
If you buy a domain name from Blogger,automatically it takes care of everything.No need to set the Cname or DNS settings.Blogger will do it for your.This is the easiest way to add a custom domain name to your blogger blog.Unfortunately Blogger has disabled this function.

2)Buy a Domain name from Domain Registrar (Godaddy) and map it to your Blogger Blog.
In this method you have to buy a domain name and manually you have link it to your blog.You have to take care of DNS Settings and Cname record.So be careful in doing this process.Today i would give detailed explanation of How to set up custom domain on Blogger.

How to set up Custom Domain Name with your Blogger Blog

1)First Log in to your blogger Account and Go to Settings in Blogger Dashboard.
2)Under Basic Settings you will see “Add custom Domain Name” option.

Click on the add Custom Domain Name and type the domain which you have bought.

Learn How to Add Custom Domain Name to Your Blogger Blog

Click on the save option.
Now you will see text in red color (error 12).

Learn How to Add Custom Domain Name to Your Blogger Blog

We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain“.

To resolve this error you have to set the DNS Settings and Cname Record and map this domain name to your blog.
Click on the setting instructions.

Note:Without entering domain name don’t click on the setting instructions.It would prompt you to enter the domain name.

Blogger would redirect to another page giving you the guidelines
Where would you like to host your blog?
Check “TOP level Domain Name”.
Blogger would display two CName Record Details.Now You have to add this details to your domain Registrar account.
Log in to your Domain Registrar Account (Godaddy Account).
Under DNS Manager You will find Cname Record.
For the First Cname Record: 
Name, Label or Host enter “www” and where it says Destination, Target or Points To enter “ghs.google.com” 
For Second Cname Record:
It depends on the custom domain name you have entered.Format of Second Cname Record is something like this..

“5MVAOG62JLIE” as the Name and “gv-PUBEW7HWTRXZXU.dv.googlehosted.com.” as destination.

After Cname Record you have to set A-Records.

If you don’t set this Records then WWW and non www version won’t point to same blog.
Example: www.techgide.com would point to your blog.But techgide.com (without www) would point to error page (Domain Registrar’s page).
So setting A-record is must for your blog’s performance.

Enter your domain name in the format example.com, and list the I.P. addresses shown below in the “A” section. You have to create four separate A-records which point to four different Google IPs.

Click on the save settings.

Now go back to your blogger Account and go to basic settings tab.
Again type the custom domain name and click on the save option.Now you won’t see any error.

Note:Click Edit on the custom Domain name and check the box below.

Learn How to Add Custom Domain Name to Your Blogger Blog

Redirect techgide.com to www.techgide.com

So both www and non www points to same blog.

Note:DNS update may take up to 24 hours.So if you get the error “unable to verify authority” dont be tensed.Wait for 24 hours.

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