Shockwave Flash Crash Errors in Google Chrome|How to Fix or Solve

Google Chrome is the best browser with many features added to it. In spite of the features, Google Chrome has some serious errors.One such Error is “Shockwave Flash Crash Error“.This is not a serious error but knowing about this error would help in facing problems with Google Chrome.Want to know the technique to fix this error? Today I will explain you How to Solve shockwave Flash Crash Errors in Google Chrome.

Why and How Shockwave Flash Crash Errors occur in Google Chrome

Unlike the other browsers (Firefox,Safari,IE) Google Chrome has internal installation of Flash player.This flash player helps in opening the flash content on Google Chrome.Other than this Windows Operating System also has one Shock wave Flash Player installed.Google Chrome sometimes gets confused in choosing the flash player and uses both the flash players.
This results in Shock wave Flash Crash Error.

How to Fix Shock wave Flash Crash Error in Chrome Browser.

1)Open Google Chrome Browser.Type about:plugins in the address bar and press enter.
2)It would display the list of Plugins installed in Chrome
3)Now click on (+) plus option at right top of the window.
4)Now search for Flash player plugin installed on your Browser.If you find two flash player plugins installed then this is the primary cause of Flash Crash Error.
Just uninstall or disable the Flash Player associated with Google Chrome (Not the one with Windows operating system).
You can easily differentiate these two plugins just by seeing the path.Now the default flash player for your Chrome Browser is “Shockwave player installed with Windows operating system.”Now restart the browser to see the affect.
This would solve Chrome’s Shockwave Flash Crash for sure.
If the error still exists 
Uninstall or disable the software that conflicts with Google Chrome Browser.

How to check “Software conflicts for Google Chrome”.

Just type Chrome://conflicts in Chrome’s address bar and hit enter.
A new window would open which displays the list of software.
If you find any software that conflicts with Google Chrome,just uninstall or disable the software.This would resolve the problem.If the problem still exists Reinstall the Google Chrome Browser.

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