Shortcut Keys to Use Magnifier in Windows 7

Magnifier in Windows 7 is very useful for visually impaired people.You can Magnify screen for better Visualization.Although Magnifier is available in windows in its last edition but Magnifier available in Windows 7 is better one.Shortcut keys are available for better use of Magnifier in Windows 7.

How to Launch Magnifier in Windows 7

1)You can launch Windows 7 Magnifier by using Short Cut Keys 

Windows Key +U,Windows Key + Plus Key

Windows Key + U is used to launch Ease Access Center.In Ease Access Center “Start Magnifier “Option would be there.Click the option to Launch the Magnifier.

Windows Key + Plus Key directly opens the Magnifier in Windows 7

2)You can even launch Magnifier in Windows 7 without using shortcut keys

a)Go to Start Menu.You would a Search Box “Search Programs and Files”.

Type “Magnifier” in the search box.It automatically launches Magnifier.

b)Go to Start Menu–Go to Control Panel—Ease Access Center–>Start Magnifier

Magnifier in Windows 7 has three different modes

Windows 7 Magnifer

1)Full Screen Mode :In Full screen mode the entire screen is magnified.

2)Lens Mode:In this mode a small windows opens when the points to a particular region.Small window acts as magnifier in this mode.

3)Dock Mode:In docked mode,specific area of the screen is docked to the top of the screen.

Shortcut keys to Configure Magnifier in Windows 7

Windows Key + U  –>Launches the ease access center

Windows key + (plus) or (Minus) –>Zoom in or Zoom out

Ctrl+Alt+F –>Full Screen Mode

Ctrl+Alt+L –>Switch to Lens Mode

Ctrl+Alt+D –>Switch to Dock Mode

Ctrl+Alt+Space bar–>Preview the desktop in full Screen Mode

Ctrl+Alt+I–>Invert Colors

Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Keys –>Pan in the direction of Arrow Keys. (Changes the direction of Screen)

Ctrl+Alt+R —>To Re-size the Lens

Windows Key + Esc –>Exit Magnifier

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