Social Bookmarking Sites 2013 with High PR to boost your Blog’s Traffic

Creating a blog is very easy but driving traffic to your blog requires smart work.There are many ways to boost traffic to your blog.Social Bookmarking sites are one among them which can increase your blog’s traffic instantly.

Write quality articles to attract visitors to your blog.Writing 10 poor quality articles a day and submitting them to Social bookmarking sites won’t work for you.Instead write one quality article (don’t copy from others and article should be more than 1000 words) and submit your post to all traffic driving sites.This would boost your blog’s traffic beyond your expectations.Quality articles increases your blog’s performance in search engines (Google,Bing,Yahoo).Just practice this for one month,you would be surprised with your blog’s performance.With Social Bookmarking Sites you can create quality backlinks to your blog.Creating quality backlinks would increase your pagerank which in turn would increase your’s blog authority.
Today i will give you the list of social bookmarking sites with high pr which can increase visitors to your blog.

Huge List of Social Bookmarking sites 2013                      Pagerank:8                        Pagerank:8                        Pr:7                   Pr:8                    Pr:8                        pr:6                           pr:7 Pagerank:8 pr:6 Pagerank:6 pr:7 Pagerank:7 Pr:8 PR:9                         Pr:7                            Pr:5                      PageRank:3         Pagerank:3                                 Pagerank:5                                   Pr:3                      PR:5    PR:5 pr:3 pr:6 pr:6 pr:3 Pr:5 Pr:5         Pr:5       pr:4      pr:3 pr:2 pr:4 pr:2 pr:2 pr:1 pr:2 pr:4 pr:2 pr:3 pr:2 pr:2 pr:1 pr:2 pr:3 pr:3 pr:2 pr:3 pr:2 pr:4 pr:4 pr:3 Pagerank:1 pr:3 pr:4 pr:7 pr:3 pr:2 pr:3 pr:3 pr:1 pr:2 pr:2 pr:1 pr:1 pr:4 pr:1 pr:1 pr:1 pr:5 pr:1 pr:1 pr:1 pr:1 pr:1 pr:2 pr:1 pr:2 pr:5 pr:2 pr:2 pr:4 pr:1 pr:1 pr:2 pr:3                 Pagerank:5 pr:6 pr:2 pr:4 pr:6 pr:4 pr:5 pr:4 pr:3

Top 10 Social Bookmarking sites for Massive Traffic to your Blog


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The above mentioned Social bookmarking sites can help you in getting huge traffic to your blog.Just posting your article in Reddit,pinterest or any other Social bookmarking site don’t give traffic to your blog.You have to follow other Social bookmarkers,increase your followers and like others posts.One important thing to remember “Post articles from around the web (interesting posts) to Social bookmarking sites instead of posting alone from your domain”.
Social Bookmarking sites can increase your Blog’s Traffic and Popularity.
You can create backlinks for your blog.
Increases your blog’s pagerank.
Increases your blog’s authority and Performance.
Social Bookmarking sites would increase SEO.