Start Coupon Site With COUPONER : Best WordPress Theme for Coupons,Deals


“Money Saving is nothing but Money Earning”
One important quote which every individual follows.

Today in this internet era “Online Shopping has become a trend”.
Because of the heavy competition and to attract customers and of course to increase
product sales , manufacturers usually comes up with Coupon Codes or they allow
affiliate marketers to create custom coupons of their own.
Using these coupons,affiliate marketers or coupon site owners promote the products
and earns some commission for each product they sell.

To be frank “Most of the bloggers who are generating income through Affiliate Marketing
is far more than the income through Advertising networks like Adsense”.
Most of the pro bloggers use affiliate marketing as main source of income from their blog.
Any way this is not our topic..we will see about Adsense and other advertising networks
in other blog articles.

Starting a Coupon website and maintaining is really hectic task.
Moreover there are hundreds of coupon sites already established in the market.
So it is quite difficult for you to penetrate in the market and occupy some space.

But with proper plan and execution it is not a big problem.

Minimum Requirement to Start a Coupon Website

1)First Choose a web hosting which is reliable and cheaper.
My Recommendation :
Hostgator Web Hosting Review
Hostgator 55% off on St Patrick’s Day

2)Choose a Coupon Theme which fits your needs.
Undoubtedly “Couponer” is the best WordPress Coupon Theme.
I have seen many coupon themes,but Couponer is really attractive & high performing one.
Recommended : Couponer Theme

3)Install WordPress on your Web hosting and install Couponer Theme.
Hostgator provies one click installation which makes WordPress CMS installation very easy.
Even a person without any prior knowledge of WP installation can do it.

That’s it you have successfully started a coupon site.

Now the actual part comes i.e finding the coupons from various retailers and regularly
updating it on your blog.

Couponer Theme Review:

Coupons & Discounts premium WordPress theme.
Perfect for coupons and discounts websites or business.
It’s highly customisable with unlimited color options (from typo colors to boxes
and overall backgrounds).
It is based on Bootstrap v3.1.1 and latest WP version, beside
that it is retina ready and fully responsive.

Couponer Theme is available on Themeforest.

Till now (at the time of writing this artcle) more than 650 sales are done.
Every user who bought Couponer WP Theme has given Positive reviews.

Couponer Highlights :
Fully Responsve Design
Clean Coing with our any errors
Seo optimized
Visually Attractive
Allows to submit Coupons & Deals

If you are in a hurry to start Coupon Website and looking for WP Coupon Theme then
COUPONER is the best choice.

Here is the link to visit COUPONER official Page.

Hope you guys find this article on Couponer useful.If you know any other Coupon themes
do let us know.

Please do share it with your social circle.




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