Tips & Tricks on Organizing music with Groove on windows 10

Windows media player remained as the traditional go-to music app for older versions of windows. From its time of inception, windows media player hadn’t been updated even once.

In this year, Microsoft released a brand new music streaming application named Groove. The music streaming application Groove is right now and right here and its rocking on all windows 10 platforms like surface, Xbox, mobile devices and laptops.

Whether you are listening to music from music providers like Apple music, Google music, Shazam etc. or local music or any other combination, we have covered an entire article of what Groove can do to music on your device.

Organizing music with Groove on windows 10 is as smooth as butter. With just a click Groove intelligently sorts all your music under a bunch of categories like albums, artists, year etc.

windows 10 groove

Just as in windows 8, with the use of physical buttons on keyboard for media control, there comes a popup window at the top right corner of your screen.

The must have attribute of any music platform is premium version. This includes ground breaking features like ad-removal, high bit-rate songs, multiple device support and many. Well, Microsoft achieved it far better that others with Groove music pass.

groove music pass

Groove stands best in terms of use, functionality and customization. The settings are pretty simple and with just simple clicks of mouse, you can greatly impact the performance of Groove.

If you are a professional blogger, product reviewer your attachment with content on your devices may not last long. Such professions require constant switching between the devices which makes it hard to port the content from old to new device. Be it your personal music collection from other device, you can add old content by heading to “Music on this PC” and enter the path to “Choose where we look for music”.

music on this pc

If you content is on other platform like iPhone, iPad or any other Apple device, Microsoft extended its functionality of importing by imparting access to import from Apple devices.

If you are bound to music, Groove might not be going well in some areas. Like it wont support all music formats like .flac and .ogg. As being said you can access Microsoft media player as a contemporary measure and can be access from start menu.



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