Top 10 Costliest Domain Names ever Sold

Before knowing the list of most expensive domain names of all time.Let me tell you about
Website Flipping and domain Flipping?
Website flipping is nothing but selling a website and gaining some profit.Similarly Domain
Flipping is to sell the domain names (only domain name) for good amount.
Many Domain Registrars and Domain Flippers buys the domain names which contain regular usage
words like, etc and sells them for Good Price.
Domain selling business is one of the best way increase your online earnings.
As you know how important is choosing a domain name.Choosing a good domain name which apts your
business increases your online business by huge margin.
Example:Mr X started wants to sell cameras online.The best available domain name is
But do you think would be available for him? No..
Almost all the single word Domain names and domain names with most searched words are booked by
Registrars and Domain Flippers.
So the only option with him is to buy the domain name from domain flippers by giving them huge
amount.This is how domain flipping business works.
Thousands of domain names are sold for good amount till date.
Let me give you the details of best Sold Domain names in the history of web.This is just rough
estimation of domain names sold.After good research i am giving you the details of best paid
domain names till date.

Top 10 Expensive Domain names sold

expensive domain names
1) sold for $16 million in 2009.This is highest paid domain name as per my knowledge.
Here you can insure is single word and most searched word.So it was sold for huge price.
Sold for 13 Million Dollars.A normal long tail keyword on Google gets Thousand’s of searches
monthly.Keyword related to human relations that too a single word keyword “How many searches
can you get on Google”.
That is why is sold for $13 million.
3) was sold for 10 million dollars.
4) was sold for 10 million dollars
5) was solf for 9.5 million dollars
6) was sold in 2010 for 8.5 Million Dollars.
7) was sold in 1999 for 7.5 Million Dollars.
8) was sold for $7.5 Million.
9) sold for 7 Million Dollars.
10) sold for 6 Million Dollars.

Here’s is the list of costliest domain names in the history of internet.