Top 12 Best Online Tools to Scan Virus Infected Files on PC

Almost every PC/Laptop User installs “Anti Virus” software on their System to prevent Security Threat.Most of these software’s are out of date and they can’t scan new viruses.Main source of your PC getting affected by Virus is internet.Many Hackers are there who creates new Virus, Malware ,Trojans to hack a System.
Anti Virus installed on your PC is not capable of detecting such virus.So the best option available to detect such dangerous virus is to use Online Virus Scanner.Let’s see the best online Scanners to Scan Virus on your PC.

Best Websites to Scan Infected Files on your PC

List of Best Online Virus Scanners to Scan Infected Files 

1)Kaspersky Online Scanner

Kaspersky online ScannerOne of the best online tool to Scan infected files on Your PC. Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool is a utility designed to remove all types of infections from your computer.This Online Tool is available for free.It uses advanced Algorithms in detecting the virus on your PC.
Link to visit Kaspersky online Scanner
2)Bitdefender Quickscan Scanner

Bitdefender online ScannerBitdefender Quickscan is an online Scanner which runs in the cloud as a lightning-fast virus and spyware detection tool, providing an alternative to the time consuming traditional virus scanners.You can access to Bitdefender Online Scanner from any PC with Internet Connection.You don’t need to install any software or application and perform updates.You can even add 
Bitdefender Quickscan extension to your Browser.
Link to visit Bitdefender Quickscan
3)VirusTotal Online Scanner

virustotal online scanner

Virus Total is a online free service to Scan files infected with viruses,worms,Trojans. Virustotal allow you to upload files for Scanning.Maximum size of the file to upload is 64 MB.You can use Scan Url option to scan a particular URL.
Link to visit VirusTotal
4)Jotti VirusScan

jotti online scanner

Jotti’s malware scan is a free online service that helps you to scan suspicious files.File Size should be not more than 25 MB. Scans you files with all major Online Scanners for better output.
Link to Visit Jotti VirusScan

Scanthis online scannerScanThis is free online virus scanner.You can upload a file or give the URL of the file you want to scan.It will give you detailed report of infected files you have uploaded. is not the best,but you can use it without any doubt.
Link to Visit Scanthis Online Scanner
6)Dr Web Antivirus Online

Dr Web online scannerWith Dr Web you can submit files (upload) and check whether the file is infected or not.The files submitted for online scanning will be checked by the latest version of the Dr.Web Anti-virus.After completion of Scanning a scan report will be displayed.If you want scan several files at a time,then simply place all the files into an archive (Using Winrar) and Submit it to Dr Web online Scanner.
Link to visit Dr Web Antivirus Online

Virscan online scanner

Virscan is an online scanner service for free.You can upload files to scan the infected files. allows you to upload any type of files to Scan.But the file size should not exceed 20 mb. VirSCAN supports Rar or Zip decompression,but the number of files should be below 20.It can scan compressed files with password ‘infected’ or ‘virus’.
Link to visit
8)HouseCall Trend Micro

trend micro online scannerHouseCall can quickly identify and fix a wide range of threats including viruses, worms, Trojans,and spyware.
Link to visit HouseCall Online Scanner
9)Eset Online Scanner

Eset online virus ScannerEset Online Virus Scanner Scans allmost all infected files on your PC.To USe Eset Virus Scanner on your PC,you need to run a small utility Tool.Works well with Internet Explorer,Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Browser.
Link to visit Eset Online Scanner
10)Garyshood Virus Scanner

garyshood online virus scannerGaryshood is free online virus Scanner.upload the file from your computer, or send the URL of the file that you Want to Scan.
Link to visit Garyshood online Scanner
One more Online Virus Scanner which Scans the infected files.No need to install any software or any application on your Computer.
Link to Visit Viruschief online Scanner

F-Secure Safe Check is a free application that tells you if your computer is protected and helps you fix possible security issues.This is an online web application that is not installed on your computer.
Link to Visit F-Secure online Virus Scanner

Choose the best online Scanner which meets your Requirements.If you know any other best online scanner to scan infected files on a PC do let me know.Thanks for visiting