Top 3 Best Free Video Editing Softwares

Video editing software will let you to do add many extra features to video.You can use video
editing software to cut the video,compress the video,apply special effects to video and add
sound tracks to video.There are many video editing software’s available for free.Of course
there are many paid software’s which are even better.But some free softwares are there which
are not less than paid softwares.Lets see the list of good Video Editing Softwares.The features
provided by below listed software’s are almost equal to paid software’s.

List of Best Free Video Editing Software

1)Lightworks EditorĀ 

Lightworks video editing is not for the beginners.You cannot do anything with these software
without going through their document. Lightworks video editor is used in editing films.By this
you can understand the power and features provided by Lightworks editor.

lightworks video editor

Link :Lightworks

2)Freemake Video Editor

Freemake is simple video editor tool.Its primary purpose is to convert videos from one format
to other.Freemake Video Editor is user friendly.Just drag and drop the clips on to the program.

freemake video editor software

Link: FreeMake

3)Windows Movie Maker

Windows movie maker is simple and easy to use video editor tool.Every Windows user might be
aware of Windows Movie Maker.Just drag and drop the clips which you want to edit on to the
program.You can special effects,soundtrack and many more to the video.

Windows movie maker video editor

Link:Windows Movie Maker

The above mentioned free video editing softwares are best to apply any changes to the Video.
If you know any other free softwares which are even better in editing videos,do let me know.
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