Top 4 Social Media Sites to Boost Online Marketing and Blogging

Best Social Media Sites

Social Media Sites are latest trend which are going viral these days.May be you are an online
Marketer or blogger,presence on social networking sites matters a lot for your business.
It is same as advertising on print media,radio and television.Only advantage is advertising on
Social Media Sites doesn’t cost you a penny.If you are not using social media to fullest

then you are surely missing a free advertising platform which increases your blog’s popularity.

Best thing about social media site is,it already has a huge user base which will make the task easy for you.
There are hundreds of Social Media sites available online.Every Site has unique User base (may
be 30 percent ).If you concentrate on marketing on these Social sites then you can surely make
your online business a huge success.
Only drawback is you cannot expect the results immediately as you can do with paid
advertising.You need to work for months to increase user base and brand popularity.
If you have man power to work,then choose maximum social networking sites and try to place
online business in users mind.
If your are the only person to manage online business then go for minimum number of sites.As
you need to be regular on these sites.If you choose hundreds of sites,you can’t afford your
time on all these sites.So my advice is choose the best 4 Social media sites which have huge
Userbase. Simply don’t post all the useless things just for sake of increasing your online
presence.Your post should be meaningful and it should add some value.
After sharing post on Facebook/Twitter/Google if you don’t find retweet/reshare then your doing
some non sense work.So try to study users mind by evaluating your competitors Social Pages.In
the coming posts we will see how to research your competitors fan pages.Lets come back to our
topic i.e Social Media Sites for Online Business Marketing.

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I am giving you the best 4 Social Media Sites to increase Marketing of your Online Business.

Top 4 Social Networking Sites for Online Marketing and Advertising

1)Google Plus
In my opinion Google Plus is the best platform to make free adverting for your online
business.You may be thinking that Facebook has huge userbase (may be double) when compared to
Google+,then why i said Google Plus is best Over Facebook ?
Google+ is Search Engine Gaint Google’s product.Google has recently started using Google+
Signals as one of the factor in ranking a blog.So if you increase Google+ Activities then you
can surely expect online business marketing in two ways
a)Referral Traffic (Social Media Traffic)
b)Organic Traffic (Search Engine Traffic)
More over users who are active on Google+ are bloggers or online entrepreneurs. So.So it is very
good option for you to increase online presence 100 times compared to other Social Networking

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Facebook is the largest Social Networking Site with over 1 billion Users.One of the best way to
drive traffic and users attention towards your online business.Simply create a page for your
online business and start inviting your friends.Share content on Facebook page which adds
little humor and value to the user.Your content should be something as if you are forcing them
to share it with their friends.Matt Cutt’s recently said in an interview that they are not
using Facebook Signals in ranking a webpage on Google Search.With Facebook you cannot expect
search traffic.Be regular on Facebook and share valuable content.Ask your friends to share it
with their friends.At first it may be hard for you,but with time you can increase user base
easily.Even you can create Facebook Group’s feature to share to your content.


Pinterest is not as famous as facebook. But it has huge potential to increase online business.
Pinterest is image based Social Media Site.Create good and neat images so that you cannot
expect repins.Recently i have created an event based blog on Valentines Day. Pinterest was the
main source to drive traffic to my Valentines blog.Here the Secret is most Valentines day
images are attractive so you can expect more repins for such images,Which in turn would increase
traffic to your blog.
What’s late:Create an account with pinterest and start promoting your business online.

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Twitter has 230 million active users.500 million tweets every day is routine for Twitter.Most
of the twitter users are celebrities,entrepreneurs,bloggers.So there is great chance to expose
your brand to targeted audience.
I am not going into details on how to increase twitter followers.We will see it in coming

List of Best Social Networking Sites for Online Marketing

If you want your online business to succeed then it is mandatory to increase social media
Do you know other easy ways to market an online business?
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