Top 6 Android prank apps to prank with your friends by calling / Texting them:

If you’re like me and if you want to find great joy in pulling pranks on your friends or family. Now-a-days everyone is carrying a device that is full of pranking potential. Your friends and dear ones are now targets. The primary step to any good phone prank is to search an unattended phone without a security lock. Let the pranking begin.The chances are as limitless as your imagination, however here are 6 best prank apps to prank with your friends by calling or texting them.

1) Voice changer with effects:

Voice change with effects is a great prank you can play on your friends with your Smartphone with your voice. There are now many of voice changing apps available on the Play Store and this is one among them. Not only will this app allow you to change your voice, but you will also be able to record your voice for playback later. Perfect for when your friends don’t seem to be expecting it.

Voice changer with effects

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2) Dude car prank:

This prank app is probably not really that much funny and you would be wise to select your victims carefully. That said, what this app will do is that allows you to take a picture of your friend’s car and add effects to make it seem something had happened to their car. You have been got warned, select those you prank carefully with this one.

Dude car prank

3) Fake Location Spoofed Free:

One of the things to do now with mobile phones is to ‘check in’ and let all of your friends know through various social media sites and other apps where you are. Well, with this app you will spoof your location and check in somewhere other than where you are. London, US, Australia the possibilities are endless and therefore the choice is all yours.

Fake Location Spoofed Free

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4) Lie Detector Simulator for Fun:

Want to know that your friends are lying to you? Well, this app won’t help you do that. However what it will do, is make it seem your friends are lying on every query you ask them, That is if you can get them to check a lie detector test, to begin with.

Lie Detector Simulator for Fun

5) Fake Call Prank:

Fake Call Prank is one app which many of them will probably be expecting. This is one of the most famous types of pranks that you can simply do with a phone and that is to ‘prank call’ someone of your friends. There are actually quite a few apps available with this feature, however, to help you narrow down the list this one does come with a good selection of celebs to choose from.  This app is a Nice, simple and easy prank.

Fake Call Prank

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6) Crack Screen Prank:

This one is an oldie in Smartphone terms however it is still a classic. The previous ‘cracked screen’ joke. Want your friends to think that you cracked your brand new Galaxy Smartphone or LG V10 screen? This app will help you to do that.

Crack Screen Prank

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