Top and Best Browsers for Windows 8

windows 8 browsers list

Best Browsers for Windows 8

Web browser is an application which let’s you to browse the web.Hundred’s of web browsers are
available on internet for free.Many of these browsers are specially designed for Windows
Platform.As windows is still the most used operating system for a PC.
By default Internet Explorer browser is available on a PC with Windows.But to be frank internet
explorer is not the best browser.There are many alternatives or even better then internet
explorer.Choose the one which meet’s you requirements and install it on your PC.Let’s see the
list of best web browsers which works well with Windows 8 PC.

Top 4 Best Browsers for Computer running Windows 8

1)Google Chrome

Google Chrome is undoubtedly Best Browser for a PC running on windows platform.I personally
recommend to use Google chrome as it is secure,reliable and fast when compare to other internet
browsers.One feature which made chrome browser to stand first in the list is “Fast Browsing”.
Chrome will let you to customize based on your requirements.It would allow you to add
extensions,themes etc to make easy usage of browser.

2)Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best browser and competitor to Google Chrome.Before Google
Chrome’e era browsing world was ruled by Mozilla Firefox.Firefox browser is reliable,secure and
speed.Firefox has “Stay in Sync” (synchronization) feature which allows you to access
history,passwords,bookmarks from any device to open.There are many features like Password
Manager,Popup Blocker,Form Complete,Easy Search and many more which made Firefox browser the
best one.

3)Opera Browser

Opera browser stood in best browsers list because of its features.You can organize you
favorite websites in speed dial so that you can have access to them with single click.
Opera browser secure,reliable and speed (not faster than chrome and firefox).You can
synchronize all your browsing history and access it from any device.
Page zooming,Download Manager,Image load setting,Mouse Gestures,Pop up blocking are special
features which made Opera as one of the best internet browser.
You can turn on Turbo mode in opera when you are using a slow internet connection.It would
increase your browsing speed by 5 times.

4)Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is Default browser in windows based PC.Microsoft has designed internet
explorer as inbuilt browser for Windows PC.Before the launch of Firefox and chrome internet
explorer is the best browser to travel on web.Main drawback with internet explorer is its
speed.Internet explorer is very slow when compared to other top browsers.One more drawback
which made it worst is “it crashes regularly”. In spite of all these still internet explorer is
one of the best browser.

Hope this article helps you choosing the best browser for your windows 8 Computer.If you know
any other browser which is better than above listed browsers,do let me know in the comment
section.Thanks for visiting Techgide