Top Mistakes to Avoid While Starting a New blog

avoid blogging mistakes

Most of people who are juggling to make money online are searching in Google for various available opportunities.First and best option which comes their way while searching in Google is “Blogging is the best way to earn money online”.By seeing this many bloggers who even don’t know basics of blogging and seo will jump into blogging just for the purpose of earning money.They would buy a domain name and host their blog on blogger platform.Without any planning and research they start writing articles.They simply follow one blog blindly and choose topic ideas from that particular blog.Even these bloggers try to present the content in the same way that particular blog presents.If you are presenting the content on your same blog as on other blog,then what is the uniqueness in your blog.

Why people (may be bloggers,users) will follow your blog.
Getting confused? don’t be

What i am trying to say is “Don’t present the content in the same way as others are doing”.Copy the ideas from other blogs but way of presenting the content should be unique which should be able to create great impact on first time visitors.Lets see the tips and tricks on how to avoid the mistakes every newbie blogger is doing while starting a blog.

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a)Choosing a blog niche
Yes this first step in starting a blog.Why i am saying this because “choosing a wrong niche can no way help you”.Choose a perfect niche which you are concerned about.
For example:
You are not keen technology related topics and but you have started a blog on technology by seeing the income other bloggers are earning via blogging.By gods grace you have chosen a niche,started a blog and started writing content for your blog. First few days will be very exciting for you but what after that?After this you can’t write any blog articles.Some laziness will surround’s you.Your mind and your body will not support your work.This is only because you have chosen a topic which you are not fond of.So my sincere advice is to look at niche on which you can write at least 100 topics without any difficulty.

b)Choosing a Domain Name and Hosting
One more important step in starting a blog i.e choosing the right domain name and hosting.Choose a domain name which should be short and sweet.One more thing is choose a domain name in such a way that blog users can easily remind your blog when they see it next time somewhere else.If you are serious about your blogging career then choose WordPress CMS instead of blogger hosting. Hosting a blog on wordpress won’t cost you more..With 1000 to 3000 Rupees you can host your blog for one year.One advantage of using WordPress over blogger is “many ready made plugins are available in WordPress” which makes your work easy.If you are new to blogging and want to learn the seo related stuff then go for bloggger.As Blogspot is the perfect platform to investigate on the seo related issues.

c)Write interactive and problem solving content.

Content is the heart of your blog.Many bloggers says that “content is king”.I do accept that with little correction.Don’t write blog posts just for the sake of increasing the number of posts.Posts count (quantity) won’t help you in growing your blogs popularity. Instead go for quality content which will surely going to hit the bulls eye.As i have already mentioned copy the idea but not the content.Present the topic in your own way which should reach your blog visitors.One more thing don’t write dumb articles instead go for problem solving articles i.e you should help blog visitors in the aspect on which they entered your blog.

d)Don’t waste your precious time.

Shocked with the title “I am not saying about wasting time by choosing the blogging as career”.What i am saying is “don’t waste your time on doing useless things”.Many people wastes many days on designing or redesigning their blogs.If you use this time on your blog for content writing and backlink’s it would yield fruitful results.But as a blogger we are not working on our roles and responsibilities .Ofcourse blog design is compulsory as it is going have huge impact on blog visitors.But without prior knowledge on template designing what can you do with your blog designing? For these there are many people who will serve the purpose for you,but they will charge some bucks.Go for premium themes or theme designer which will surely reduce huge burden on your shoulders.

e)Plan your Day

Planning is very crucial in every business similar with “blogging”.Try to prepare your next day schedule before going to bed or as soon as you wake up in the earning morning.Take a paper and write all the work which you are going to do today.
Divide the work by priority levels
Let me give some basic example:
Plan a day in blogging
a)Write at least 2 topics
b)Create at least 10 backlinks
c)Spend at least one hour on promoting your blog post on social networking sites like fb.

In this way you have to plan a day with indepth analysis.

Here are the 5 Mistakes which i have done in my blogging career and ofcourse i have seen many bloggers in the blogosphere doing the same mistake.I want new bloggers to avoid these mistakes so they can jump to next level in the blogging career.

I have written these article with the experience which i have gained from blogging.Every day in blogging you will come across these problems (not all at a time) for sure.So make your mind strong to avoid these blogging mistakes and make your blogging career bright full.


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