Tribal Fusion CPM Publisher Requirements 2015

tribal fusion requirements

Are you running a blog ?
Not able to convert the blog traffic to income?
Hunting for the best possible ad network to monetize a blog?

Then you have landed on the right page.In this article
we are going to specifications and Requirements of
Tribal Fusion Ad Networks.

Beyond the shadow of doubt Tribal Fusion is the highest
paying CPM ad network for its publishers.

Minimum Site Requirements for Tribal Fusion Approval

1)500,000 unique visitors per Month
A blog with 5 Lakh unique visitors per month has maximum
changes for tribal fusion approval.( not guaranteed ).

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2)Professionally designed Blog.
Blog must be successful in creating a professional look or
impact on its visitors.

3)Update high Quality Unique Content Regularly.
This is of course the minimum eligibility criteria for many
publisher accounst including Google Adsense.
In order to survive in blogging world ,you must be capable
of producing the content in a unique way.

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4)Should have active user base.
Blog should not depend only on third party Social sites or
search engines in driving traffic.They should have active
user base i.e Even if your blog faces Google penalty
it should be able to drive consistent traffic.

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5)No Illegal ( Sexual ) Content
Blog should not encourage illegal or pirated content.
If your blog has pirated content , then you don’t even
of getting Tribal Fusion Approval.

CPM Rates provided by Tribal Fusion for its are highest in
the industry.Tribal Fusion pays publishers 55% of all
revenue they acquire from its advertisers.
Payments are net 45 based and minimum payment is 50$.
One more feature which tribal fusion allows its users is
to control the content of ads by blocking ad categories
or by specific advertiser domain names.

Getting Tribal Fusion approval for small publishers (blogs with
low traffic is impossible task).To achieve the above mentioned
requirements , you guys have to work on a blog for years.
So Newbies don’t even think to apply for Tribal Fusion Ad Network.




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