Trick to Find High PR Blogs For Commenting to Get Backlinks

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There many be hundreds of ranking factors in deciding a blog’s fate in Search Engines but
one factor which shows great impact is “Backlinks”.Yes,more the backlinks to pointing to your
blog more would be your blog’s ranking in search engines like Google,Bing etc.
But you guys should be very careful in creating back links as you need maintain diversity.
What i mean to say is :For Suppose
You have learnt one way of creating backlinks to a blog.Now every time you are using the same
tactics to create backlinks.In Search Engines perspective it would look something like
“You are willingly creating backlinks” to that blog.This would ofcourse send red flag to search engines
about your blog.Search Engines should feel that a blog is getting back links naturally.

Anyway coming to our topic here i am going to give one such technique i.e “Creating Backlinks
by commenting one other blogs”.As we know creating backlinks is one of the most common way
used by bloggers these day.
But some newbie bloggers find it difficult to find high pr blogs with same niche to comment on.
So this article is solely for those bloggers who want to make their blog rank by creating backlinks.

How to Find High PR Blogs For Commenting

In this article i am going to show how to find high quality blogs to comment using a online
tool named “Dropmylink”.To be frank it is not a unique tool designed with unique idea.Any
internet geek who knows basic google queries can easily do the same work which “dropmylink” does.
As i have already told you,this article is newbies bloggers,we cannot expect them to get
know queries.

Just open in your browser.
Here is the link to open it Dropmylink

This site will help you in finding 12 different sites with the keyword you have specified
in the blog.
Different sites includes:
.edu blogs,.gov blogs
anchor text in Comment Blog’s
Angela’s Backlinks
CommentLuv Premium Blog’s
Do Follow Comment Blog’s
Expression Engine Forums
Hubpages -Hot Hubs
KeywordLuv Blogs
LiveFyre Blogs
Intense Debate Blogs
Squidoo Lenses -Add to List

Just type the keyword in the box specified in the online tool.
And Choose the type of site on which you want to comment.
Now click on the search option.
This would give you the list of blog’s with .edu extensions with blogging niche.

Now Choose the blog and comment on the page to get backlinks to your blog.

Instead of using this tool you can simply type the query

[button type=”big”] blogging inurl:blog “post a comment” -“you must be logged in”[/button]

to get the list of blog’s which allows comments.

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