Trick to Maximize IDM Download Speed with IDM Optimizer


Internet Download Manager IDM is undoubtedly the best download manager available till date.With IDM you can increase the download speed up 5 times when compared to other Download Managers available.There are many alternatives available for IDM in the market.Some of them are Download Accelerator plus(DAP),Mipony,Orbit Down-loader,Free Rapid Downloader etc.To be frank these IDM alternatives are no way near to the features which IDM provides.IDM by default is well optimized to increase the download speed of a file.If you are not satisfied with the download speed of IDM,even you can enhance the download speed of IDM manually with a small trick or download application which would optimized the download speed of IDM.In these article we wee both the ways to boost the speed of IDM internet Download Manager.

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Before going into the actual topic,here i want to list the best features of IDM which made it to stand as best download manager in the market.

Best Features in IDM

1)User Friendly Interface.

User Friendly interface of IDM is one of the key factor for its huge success.Even a person without any technical knowledge can easily understand How to Use IDM. Simple graphical interface made IDM even more simple to use.

2)Increases Download Speed Upto 5 times.

As stated in their official site IDM increases the download speed by 5 times.Increasing the download speed of a file by 5 times is not a joke.With IDM you can achieve it easily.

3)Resume Download Feature in IDM.

Resuming Download is the best feature of IDM.When a network error occurs IDM resumes the download from where it stops.(It won’t download total file again instead resume the download from where the error occurred).

Lets come back to our topic i.e How to maximize Download Speed in IDM

2 ways to maximize the download speed in IDM

1)Manually Change the Default Settings in IDM.

With this trick you can simply increase the download speed without installing any 3rd party applications.Change the default values in IDM Settings to maximize the download speed.
1)Double click on the IDM icon on Desktop to open IDM Window.
2)Click on the Downloads Tab and go to OPTIONS under the drop down menu.
3)Click on the connections tab in IDM window.
Here you will see options

increase idm download speed
1)Select the Internet Connection Speed and Type.
Select High speed from the internet connection drop down list.This would make idm to use the maximum bandwidth to download a file.
2)Maximum Number of Connections.
By default the maximum number of connections are 8.Change the maximum number of connections to 16 to boost the IDM Download Speed.
Save the settings.

2)Install IDM Optimizer to Maximize the IDM Download Speed.

No doubt IDM is best download manager but with IDM Optimizer you can increase its speed to next level.
What is IDM Optimizer?
IDM Optimizer is a tool/Utility/application developed to optimize the download speed of IDM.
Idm optimizer application changes the registry values like connection type,connection,speed and number of connections to boost the IDM Download speed.
Download and install the IDM Optimizer to your pc.
Click here to download IDM Optimizer

Extract the file after downloading it.Double click on the .exe(installation files) to install IDM on to your PC.Double clicking on the .exe file will open a pop up window.

Click on OptimizeIDM option in the popup Window.Now it would prompt you to restart IDM and your PC.
That’s it Now you have successfully optimized IDM download Speed.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article.If you know any other better ways to increase the Internet download manager download speed do let me know.If you find this article useful don’t forget to share it with your friends.