Trick to Remove Google Chrome History Selectively

I am not going to discuss ┬áthe same things like “Google Chrome is the best browser”
etc.In this article we will see how to delete Google chrome history selectively.
Before knowing how to remove the selected history on chrome,you must be aware of how to delete
history in Google Chrome Browser.
Don’t know how to delete Google Chrome History?
We have already discussed about it in one of our article.Any way you can read the article once
again here..

Deleting history on Google Chrome is very simple task.You can do it in two ways.
Just type chrome://history in the Chrome address bar.This would open Google Chrome History
One more way is press CTRL+H to get chrome history.

chrome history page
Now you can delete chrome history by simply clicking on “Clear Browser data”.
This would result in a new popup window.

chrome history page delete time interval

Here you can select the time interval of the Chrome History which you want to delete..

What if you want to delete all the history that matches a specific query or website in Chrome?

Here is the simple trick to remove all the webpages of a specific website in Chrome Browser.Even you don’t need to install any third party Google extension to serve the purpose.

How to Remove Google Chrome History Selectively

Press CTRL+H to open chrome History Window.
In the search box,just type the query or website name which you want to remove from chrome browser
history and press enter.

chrome search history boxNow you will get the Chrome history with the query/website name.
Click on the checkbox beside the history which you want to delete.
Click on remove selected items.This would remove chrome history.

What if the history for a particular query or website is more (may be around hundred pages).
Now selecting each and every check box is somewhat a time taking job.
Here comes the actual trick to remove selected chrome history at once.
Just select the first checkbox in the history page.
press SHIFT key and hold on.
Now select the last checkbox in the chrome history window.
You can see all the checkboxes in between the first and last history will automatically get
Now click on the remove selected items to remove the history of particular query or keyword or
a website.

Lets see it with an example:
I want to remove pages in chrome history which includes “facebook” word.
Type “facebook” in search box to grab every page on Chrome History which contains facebook
Now select the first check box on chrome history page.
Scroll down to bottom of the history page by holding on SHIFT key.Now select the last checkbox
in the history page.
By default all the pages in between the first and last check box will be added to remove
selected items list.
Now you can simply delete the pages with facebook keyword from history with single click.

Hope this article helps you in removing traces of a specific website on chrome browser history.
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