Trick to Book Irctc Tatkal Ticket Fast

Trick to Book Irctc Tatkal Ticket Fast

Irctc (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited) is Indian railway website through which we can book Tatkal tickets online.I hope almost every Indian Internet user must be aware of Irctc website and its loading speed.During peak hours it is almost impossible to open the Irctc page by this you can understand the loading speed of Irctc webiste. So to book tatkal ticket online you have use high speed internet connection.Even with high speed internet it takes some time to open the page.

How to Open increase loading speed of irctc website?

To increase the loading speed you have to block all the ads in the particular page. Irctc website has many ads on its homepage.So you have to block the ads to make irctc page load fast.
Use Adblock Plus addon to block the advertisements on a page.Adblock addon is available for firefox,Google chrome and all major browsers.After adding it to your browser open irctc website.Now it would load very easily.

Now to book tickets you need to fill the online form.So your typing speed counts here.If you are good at typing then there is no problem.If your typing speed i slow then here is one simple solution for you.

1)Go to

2)Here you will find an online form which is similar to that in irctc website.

Fill the form with respective fields then click on the button “I am Feeling Lucky”.After that “Magic Auto fill” button would be generated.Now drag this button and bookmark it on your tool bar.

3)Now open Irctc website and be ready.Exactly at 10 A.M tatkal booking starts.As soon as the booking starts click on the MagicĀ Auto fillĀ button which you had bookmarked recently.Now irctc form gets filled automatically.By this you can save time and your tatkal booking would be very easy. is designed by Father of Indian Blogger Amit Agarwal.