Trick to Download Torrent Files with IDM using Zbigz

Torrent Sites are used to download files like games,movies,songs,software’s and many.Torrent sites speed mainly depends on number of seeds. Of course there are many factors like Internet connection speed,leechers,peers which shows impact on the download speed.With torrent the downloading speed is good except in some cases.

Why do we need IDM to download Torrent Files?

1)If your Internet connection is slow then torrent download speed would be frustrating.As torrent not only downloads the data but also uploads it.

2)If number of seeds are low then again the same situation.

3)In schools,colleges,offices they blocks torrent sites.In such cases you can use IDM to download torrent files.

4)IDM (Internet Download Manager) is the best download manager available in the market.With these you can increase the download speed by 3 to 5 times.

5)IDM download speed only depends on the Internet connection.It doesn’t depend on factors like seeds,leechers,peers etc.

How to download Torrent Files with IDM

With we can download torrent files in IDM.

1)First go to and sign up for free account.Even you can go for Premium option.

2)Go to Torrent search and search the files which you want download using IDM.

3)Download the torrent file.

4)Now upload the torrent file to  which you had downloaded and click on the go button

Donwload torrent files with idm

5)After that a window will pop up.Here you have two options
 a)Free Download b)Premium download.

Donwload torrent files with idm

Choose free download if you don’t have premium account.

6)As soon as you choose free download your file will we downloaded by high speed servers.Now your actual file is ready to download.

7)Now Click on the zip button (Blue colour).

8)That’s it…You files starts downloading with IDM

Hope this trick helps you..Thank you