TrueCaller : Best Free Mobile Number Tracker to Trace Phone Number Online with Name,Location,Address,Area

Have you ever got Blank calls from unknown numbers? Want to Trace the Mobile Number of the person who made a prank call ? If the answer is yes ..then you have landed on the right place.Here in this article we are going see the best mobile number and Location tracker which is going to serve the purpose for you..

Any Guess ? Yes you are Right ..” TrueCaller “..

TrueCaller is really the best mobile number tracker which gives you complete details like mobile number operator,mobile number owner name,mobile number area and location etc.

Even before the evolution of smartphones’ people used to get blank calls or messages from strangers.But tracing  a the person’s phone number & location was not that easy at that time.

But now the scenario has changed..Yes with Smartphone revolution,many third party apps are readily available to track the mobile number.One such application which we are going to look into is “Truecaller”.

Smartphone applications has many pro’s and con’s .We are not going to get deeper into this topic now.”Mobile Number Tracking” is undoubtedly one of the pro’s if you want to make a list of it.

Truecaller application has gained huge reputation with in short time because of its unique features like mobile number tracker online,mobile number location tracker etc.

Now there are hundred’s of Mobile tracker applications are available online.These Mobile Tracking Services have some limitations in tracking a unknown number details.Some of them are trying to compete with truecaller.But still Truecaller mobile number tracker is very much ahead in the list.

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How to Track a Mobile Number Location and Name Using True Caller Application ?

It is very much easy to get the details of unknown mobile numbers using Truecaller application.Here in this article we are going to give the step by step procedure to use Truecaller application and how to trace a mobile number details like name,area,location etc.

Lets See how Truecaller works and finds who has Called You.

Want to track a mobile number using a PC / Laptop then visit TrueCaller Website.
Want to track a mobile number location with your smartphone ,then install truecaller app.If you are android user then go to Google play store or truecaller official website to download truecaller application.
Similarly other smartphone users i.e iphone,Nokia Lumia,Blackberry can get truecaller apps from their respective stores.

Here in this article we will see the procedure to trace a mobile number with truecaller on a computer.

1)Go to TrueCaller Website.


2)Just type the unknow Phone number which you to trace and press enter.You will be prompter to sign in in order the trace the number.Sign into Truecaller using your Google,Facebook,Microsoft or Yahoo accounts.

truecaller sign in

True Caller will automatically detects and track the unknown number details like owner name,network name, Location of the mobile number.

Advantages:No need to download and install the True Caller Application on Your PC

Very simple right ?

With these simple steps you can trace any number with city name and location online.But the only limitation is the number which you are searching on Truecaller should be in its data base.

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As per the latest update i.e “True Caller has 100 Million Users in India” and ” 2 Billion Users WorldWide”

100 million users india

Hope you guys find this article i.e tracking a mobile number details using Truecaller” useful.If so then please do share it with your friends and relatives social media sites.Who know’s this article might be helpful for them.